Free Mp3: Marnie Stern – For Ash

Her music sounds so spontaneous and unplanned. Noise and experimental rock. But it is exactly the contrary. Marnie Stern is a perfectionist and a workaholic. She spends many hours per day just playing the guitar and working on her pieces. She might spend two days working non-stop and drinking beers and coffee and this is what her music sounds like. It’s a sweet paranoia. As if she were Deerhoof’s lost sister. She is now releasing a new album and giving away her first single “For Ash” to download for free. The song is about her ex boyfriend who committed suicide after they broke up. When she found out, she wrote this song.

“I wasn’t thinking about myself, I was thinking about him. I stayed up for like three days working on that song. And it was sort of… I mean, I’m no hippie, but it was kind of like a trance-like thing. It was so upsetting and so powerful. I guess I feel like I cared about this person so incredibly much, that I wish I had a hundred songs that I could sing every night about him.”

Free Mp3: Marnie Stern – For Ash

Author Bio:

Dj, producer, artist from Greece based in Berlin. In 2010 she formed with Brax Moody the Local Suicide dj team and blog. Their plan to take over the world seems to be working out - slowly but steadily. Beware Beware!


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