Free Mp3: The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan!

Hi-Lo Tunez Plan! is a free download compilation created by Hi-Lo Tunez by agreement with Independent Artists and Labels with the only purpose of giving the best promotion to the independent music scene.  Hi-Lo Tunez supports independent productions only, because INDIE is not a genre, is a different approach to music… …a different life-style… …you know? …well HLT knows. This time they have cool unreleased stuff by Caribou, No Age, Abe Vigoda, Telekinesis and many more – see the tracklist below!

Free MP3: Hi-Lo Tunez Compilation (16 Tracks)


01. Adebisi Shank – Masa
02. Hot Panda – Mindlessnesslessness
03. Axel And The Farmers – Bottle of Rain
04. Pond – Sunlight Cardigan
05. Bars Of Gold – Birds
06. Telekinesis – Car Crash
07. Le Futur Pompiste – My Trophy
No AgeFever Dreaming
09. Abe Vigoda – Sequins
10. Figurines – Hanging From Above
11. Caribou – Selfish Boy
12. Indian Jewelry – Look Alive
13. Jane Weaver – Fallen By Watch Bird
14. The Industries – When We Were Old
15. Cheyenne Marie Mize – Waiting
16. Goonies Never Say Die – Indifference Speaks Louder Than Anger

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