Interview: Aka Aka feat. Thalstroem

Aka Aka feat. Thalstroem come from different corners of Germany and tour a lot, but they still try to make time to hang out in Berlin’s clubs, open-airs and bars. And they took time to answer a few questions for Local Suicide before the release of their new album Variété Remixed on April 6th.

LSD: What are your strongest influences, old or new?

We come from totally different musical backgrounds. Holger listened to metal when he started deejaying and played harder techno stuff. David has played the trumpet for 25 years and was into jazz but also played classical concerts besides his several band projects. I was into drum&bass and trip-hop before I started deejaying. I think these influences still have a huge impact on our common work. Everything melts together!

LSD: How did you meet 90s techno old-timers Technasia for one remix?

Charles is one of the very few remixers whom we don’t know in person yet. But for Holger and me, there was no question whether we ask him cause he is a big idol of ours. We love his dry techno sound and are very keen of his remix.

LSD: What’s your view on Berlin’s clubbing scene at the moment?

We’re still touring a lot so there’s not much time to go out in Berlin but our feeling is that the scene is forced out from the center of the city to areas like Neukölln or to the border of Friedrichshain-Lichtenberg. But there is still hope as we can see by the re-re-opening of Club Maria AKA Magdalena.

LSD: Any near future plans?

We’re working on a new single and some remixes, for example for Turntablerocker or Thomas Schumacher. Our album is out at the beginning of April, here is a sneak peak!


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