Interview: Amanda Blank

Amanda Blank is an American singer and rapper, who is not afraid to speak her mind and do whatever she wishes. Her biggest hit is “Might Like You Better”, which is a cover of the 80’s classic “Never Say Never” by Romeo Void, the band of the super dynamic, lovely and proud not to be skinny Debora Iyall. Excellent choice! Enjoy an interview with Miss Amanda, that we took for Curt Magazine.

LS: It‘s so refreshing to see more and more women getting into rap and hip-hop. Did growing up in Philadelphia have any profound influence?

AB: It had a huge influence. Everything I am is because of the way that I grew up and everybody I was surrounded by. It’s a great place to grow up.

LS: Your numerous collaborations, among others with Spank Rock, Ghostface Killah, Santigold etc, are really impressive. Do you have any more collaborative projects on the horizon?

AB: I do. I have an EP I made with freestyle club music with Eli Escobar and then I have Sweatheart. So these are probably the two projects that I’ll be focused on as well.

LS: Obviously you seem heavily inclined towards hiphop, but judging from your band Sweatheart, this is not the only style which you favor. Whom or what do you tend to find inspiration?

AB: Everybody says they like everything, but I think in my case it holds truth. As far as what I am the most inspired by, I think it’s my friends, the people in my life are the biggest inspiration for me musically, because I see the way they live their lives and it’s very free and it’s really fun and I like living my life that way as well. So I think
that’s more an inspiration than say there are bands I listen to my whole life, like I love so many bands. My bloody Valentine is probably in my top five. They are not an inspiration musically, but I love them. So I think I am more inspired by life and friends than anything.

LS: How would you describe your debut album?

AB: It’s loud. It’s aggressive. It’s really fun.

LS: What about the attitude of your lyrics? Are you being serious or are they just for fun?

AB: I think it’s a mix of both. In some of the songs I’m being more serious than in others. I think you can kind of tell though from my delivery or from what I am actually saying. I like to think that people will get when I’m sort of turning cheek and when I’m not.

Free Mp3: Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better

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