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Some people look at electronic musicians as if they do practically nothing onstage—that they just get onstage and just “press play.” It’s an assumption which isn’t true, of course, as they do more than just stand behind their laptop onstage. Contrary to the notion that electronic artists are just slackers, Los Angeles electronic group Amera poke fun at these assumptions with their recently released, self-titled EP—and a song called ‘Press Play’. The singer Brooke Adams is known for her Billboard chart single ‘The Kiss-Off‘, and has collaborated with artists ranging from Mya to Meredith Brooks, but her greatest compliment came from Michael Jackson, who said she was “A talent who has been touched by God.” Her angelic vocals are backed by Mikael Oganes, the synths and keyboardist, as well as guitar player Donovan Butez—two musicians with classical backgrounds. They took some time out to chat with us about Bach, Beck and underground electro in L.A.

LSD: You’re a band with 72k followers on Facebook, that’s quite the following! How did you all meet?
Dono and Mikael graduated from university around the same time and a musical connection was there right away. After years of being friends, they moved in together to create music and met Brooke at one of their underground events that they were throwing.


LSD: What is your song “Connected” all about?
There’s a scene in downtown L.A. where everyone is connected through music and art. We get together and share our love of art, especially music in our case. You’ll find lots of artists, painters, sculptors, and dancers together. It’s an awesome meeting of the minds.

LSD: Brooke, how did you meet Michael Jackson and when/how did he tell you that you’re touched by God? I’m sure it’s a great story.
When I was 14 my manager at the time brought Michael to come see me and give me advice on how to handle the music business. He was incredibly nice to me and was a big supporter of my career.

LSD: What’s the indie music scene like in LA?
It’s an incredibly diverse city which causes it to have a diverse music scene. You’ll find lots of bands mixing different styles together to create their own unique sound. It’s a big scene for underground electronic artists.

LSD: What informs or inspires your unique sound? You seem to be bringing together a bunch of different influences.
Amera: Due to the fact that Donovan and Mikael are both classically trained, we like to mix party music with beautiful and sometimes complex melodies, harmonies and rhythms to create different vibes, so basically, anything from Bach to Beck and in between.


LSD: Lastly, your track ‘Sun Will Rise’ has a melancholic tinge to it, why is that?
Amera: We wanted to write a song about how you can lose yourself in a big city and get into drugs and depression, but yet again the sun will rise and there is always an opportunity to get yourself back on track.

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