Interview: André Boitard aka Kustos

1 Local Suicide: How did you get into making art?

André Boitard aka Kustos: As I was born into a family of artists, I grew up with it. Both of my parents are artists.

How s your work influenced by street art?

My art is influenced by the street because the streets are my source of inspiration and many of my ideas are born around them when talking and still going after my routine of selling my art on the streets of my neighborhood. Street art is a part of popular culture and will always be.

You mainly work in collage. How do you choose which celebrities or famous figures you feature?

I work mostly in series. I have a series of movie stars, hip hop stars, Berlin celebrities, politically engaged design, musicians, science fiction celebrities etc. I get a lot of feedback talking to people on the streets and listening to who they are influenced by, that helps me get a good feeling of what characters to choose.


What is your relationship to Hip Hop, where did it begin and where is it going?

I think Hip Hop is an important part of street life and was born in the streets, as my art was. Personally, music helps me to be creative and is another source of inspiration to me. I really like the early eighties, especially the movie Wild Style, as I believe it’s a milestone for hip hop, maybe even a starting point. To me, hip hop is more than an just a form of music, its a culture. As our culture changes, hip hop is evolving into something new.


What do you have coming up next?

I am working on a big exhibition that will happen next year. I am saving money for this cause so I can finance it myself and stay as independent as possible. The theme will be “The infinite artwork.” Its a huge project and I still have lots of time-consuming work to do. In the meantime, parts of my works are displayed and can be bought at a concept store & gallery in Prenzlauer Berg called Soul Objects and Pink Cadillac.

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Photo of André Boitard by Kornelius Werhahn-Mees. All other art images courtesy of the artist.

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