Interview: Casey Spooner (Fischerspooner)

Had a little nostalgic pop episode and pulled out of my drawer a conversation I had with chameleon crooner toy-boy artist half of Fischerspooner Casey Spooner. The man is very much like a modern day mirror ball, far from the disco glitter but with as many shiny facets covering music, theatre, performance, dance, video and fashion. 

How do you manage to be so diverse, yet keep focused?

CS: The real challenge is to define what you’re trying to say. Once you have that point of view, it becomes easy to interconnect all your ideas and apply it to graphic design, costumes, music and performance. 

How do you manage public performances as opposed to pre-recorded video clips?

CS: Performance to me is very ritualistic, showing a dynamic between something very structured and organised, intentionally. But once made public, it becomes wild and turns into something that is organised but spontaneous. It really is the audience that makes the performance and every audience is different. That’s what makes it magical, beyond reason, beyond intellect. But you still get there by being dedicated, disciplined and working hard.

After diverse collaborations how did you decide to work on your solo album?

CS: I had a great experience collaborating with lots of people. It is very liberating to have the feeling to unify a community of people that are not necessarily likeminded. But I somehow realised the smaller you are, the more contained your work is, the more powerful you can be.

Is that what you think on a more global level?

CS: Yes, I thought I could deliver a creative idea and sent it out to the world. I was very naïve how I thought I could engage in a world-wide structure. But I feel all is changing, for example right now it is socially acceptable to be broke; it is like a new value system. Money seems arbitrary; it feels like it is somehow magical and unreal. I think poor is the new rich!

Adult Contemporary, the album, get a free track here:

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