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Christian Bonori


Bush Records are signing a new release by Italian DJ and Producer Christian Bonori titled Molecular Structures. The four tracker exhibits a strong take on melodic techno and deep atmospheres suited for late night hours at the club and has gained a big support from renowned figures in the DJ scene, so far. With one of his tracks featured at Carl Cox’s BBC Essential mix, we decided to contact the man behind Analogic Sound to tell us a bit about himself, upcoming releases and how he’s been an active artist since the early 2000’s.

Bonori, whose career brought him to play in some of the most respected and well-known clubs in Italy, took a break before finding his actual sound and we’re very happy with the result.

Get to know Christian Bonori while listening  to two tracks out of his Molecular Structures EP.



Local Suicide: Hi Christian, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Christian Bonori: Thank you, it’s always a pleasure to talk about
my passion for techno music

LSD: To start, could you please tell us about your beginnings as a DJ and Producer? What role came first and what influenced you to follow this path?

CB: I started djing after years of clubbing. It rose in my soul the need of searching always for new, peculiar sounds – mainly unique and different compared to others. Based on that, I started listening to JUNO RECORDS.
Since the very beginning, I have been very selective. I remember listening to over 300 records every week. Out of 300, I bought maybe 5 or 6.
For me, search for uniqueness and novelty has always been key. That’s why I decided to start producing my own tracks. Since day one, I felt that analogical instruments
and modular synthesizers allowed me to express my feelings and  strong passion for deep music.

LSD: To all fellow DJs out there, what was your approach towards clubs and making your way in their program?

CB: My first recommendation is ‘Always follow your passion and do what you love. Music is passion – go for it!’
Even if some clubs might have some specific requests, I’d suggest to stick to your own style. Be yourself – don’t be afraid of being unique!
Sometimes is better to play in fewer clubs, than to play in more clubs – but having to adjust or modify your style.
A good performance depends on how much passion you transfer to the audience. For me, having clubbers coming to me and thanking me for the great dj set is
more rewarding than playing in more clubs. Go for quality – not for quantity!

LSD: After almost 20 years, what changes have you seen in the Italian Electronic scene?

CB: That’s a difficult question. My perception is that clubbers’ needs have changed over time.
Luckily, there are some clubs where ‘quality music’ is still perceived as a ‘must to have’. They offer novel music and DJs. Something I deeply appreciate.
I hope young generations will keep looking for quality, novel music.

LSD: You also had a break from producing and came back with a powerful EP, ‘Molecular Structures’ out on Bush Records. What’s the story behind these tracks?

CB: In 2015, I realized that what I was producing was more in line with what labels were asking for – rather than with what I truly liked.
This led me to rethink my whole production plan. Molecular Structures was the result of this. I am very proud of this EP because it mirrors my style – which is a mix of continnuous search for unique sounds and experimentation. Having the opportunity of producing what I love, it’s truly rewarding.

LSD: Also saw that there’s a new one coming up in Kapput Musik on March 5. What can you tell us about it?

CB:  Kapput Musik EP is the result of a long, in-depth research about dark sounds that can create sensorial ecstasy.
My goal is to engage the audience and help them feel an emotional rollercoaster. Believe me, this EP will shake your feelings upside down with also a great remix from well-known COETER! Something you  never experienced before… Are you ready?
LSD: Seems like 2018 started off pretty well for you. What else can we expect from your side and your label?

CB: Currently, I’m working hard on some new great projects. I got requests from a few labels – which is an honor for me, although it implies investing less time on my own label. At any rate, I’m planning to release a new EP on my own label by the end of the year. Stay tuned!
Before leaving, let me thank Local Suicide for this opportunity. It has been great sharing with you my story!

LSD: Thank you Christian!

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