Interview: David AKZ (autoKratz)

After rising to prominence as half of the UK electro duo autoKratz, David AKZ has landed his first solo EP All We Are; a sumptuous offering based in a deep house vibe driven by steely techno synths and moments of radiant classic house.

With his first solo EP release, David proves himself a remarkably versatile artist in boldly departing from the sound which cemented his position at the forefront of the UK electronic scene.

At once suitably sophisticated for solitary headphone listening and deliciously buoyant for communal summer lounging, All We Are signals a brief but comprehensive and skillful exploration of varying influences that’s left fans thirsty for more.

As well as expanding the reach of his label Bad Life through his own solo work, David has also been busy coordinating his colleagues in releasing a clever triple CD compilation specifically tailored towards providing a broad selection of musical needs for a party filled weekend, split up as individual CDs titled ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Sunday Morning’ as well as a Saturday Night mix by David himself.

We got the chance to talk about his new EP release and the future direction of his work.

LSD: How has working as solo artist being going? Was this a move you had envisioned making for long before?

David: Scary at first. No one to ask ‘is this good?’, so you have to have faith in what you’re doing. But it’s liberating. So yeah, always wanted to do something on my own and the time felt right.

LSD: Your new work certainly has a deeper vibe, is this result of any particular new influences in the process of working on your own?

David:I spent last summer listening to labels like Hot Creations, Ellum, Hotflush as well as revisiting old DJ Pierre and Adonis tunes. Ideas started to form and got me itching to do something new, push myself and get back to writing music without thinking ‘is this right for autoKratz’? Which is inevitable when you’ve been in a band for over 5 years.

LSD: Ultralight from the All We Are EP is a track I really love, there’s a real pulsing, almost summery feel to it, do you see this as a distinct departure from your work with autoKratz?

David: With that tune I found an old Tupac interview and loved the opening line ‘Every song I ever sang, whether it’s good or bad, it came from the heart’. It really resonated with me. The simple sentiment of ‘We are all fallible, but I try my best’.

I was messing around with an old synth and came up with the bassline and it stuck in my head for a week or so and then came across that clip. It seemed to back that sentiment perfectly.

I suppose, with that laid-back US house feel, it does indeed fit rather well with sunshine and booze! But yeah, I would say it’s pretty different to anything I’ve done before.

LSD: While your new work has more of a deep house tinge to it, do you see it as being rooted in techno?

David: Totally. Its weird, cos I never intended to make deep house. Or even thought I was making deep house. I just wrote. I love the way DJ Pierre or guys like Locked Groove can make softer quite soulful tunes, then sometimes pretty aggressive in your face.

LSD: What is it about techno that you think excites dance floors so much?

David: It’s primal. It makes you feel. Its good to get wasted to!

LSD: Have you been touring much with your new stuff?

David: No, not yet. I’m putting together some dates for the summer onwards. Really excited.

LSD: Finally, what’s next for your solo project?

David: There’s a new EP coming out on Bad Life which is a bit tougher. Still on the house vibe, but pretty jacking’ this time.

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