Interview: Drumcomplex


The duo of brothers Daniel and Arnd aka Drumcomplex is about to release their debut full-length Perfection Is In Imperfection on their own record label Complexed Ltd. We chatted with them about the concept behind the new record, (im)perfections in music production and the upcoming tour.

LSD: Perfection Is In Imperfection is your first debut after 10 years’ career. How has the creative and collaborative process between you two brothers evolved in the last decade? Can it be heard on the album?

D: We worked in a really basic setup to finish the album and our goal was to produce tracks that would have a big impact in the club environment. We worked rudely and changed things to work in a simple kind or form. Although we are very different characters, we complement each other very well. I usually see the big picture and Daniel is more about the small details. Daniel studied tone engineering and Arnd is been DJing for more then 20 years. The relationship fits perfectly and over the last decade we learned a lot about the whole process and we think it can be heard on the album.

LSD: The name and philosophy behind your LP is derived from Wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic and world view, which according to Richard Powell nurtures authenticity by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Has this concept always been something you held, or is it something you adopted throughout the years? 

D: No, we did´t always hold this concept and form of seeing things. It became relevant over the last 7 years, after Arnd had a personally bad time around 2009 and saw things really negatively. A good friend of him did Reiki, which directly infected Arnd and changed his negative energy into positive thinking. For sure this helped us a lot and our career started growing up in the last years.

LSD: Most of the techno tracks are actually meant to be listened to unfinished, since the producers count with them being mixed with other records in a DJ set. Do you also produce with this in mind? And which tracks from the new album would you recommend to be definitely listened to from the first to the last second? 

D: Yes, you are right. Arnd as a DJ always thinks that, but Daniel has the aspiration that a track will be also functional when you only listen to it individually and not as a part of a DJ set. We think ‘Aura’ and ‘Aphrodite’ have to be listened from the first to the last second.

LSD: You’re about to start a supporting tour for the album. Will you be playing live sets, DJing or both? If live, how does your setup look like? And if DJing, which record can’t recently be missing in your case?

D: Daniel played live in the beginning of the 1990s, but he decided not to be on stage anymore. Arnd has been playing records as a DJ for more then 20 years. So we decided to go on with DJing. We’ve been thinking for a long time about performing as a live duo, but at the moment, it’s just a plan.
We are hammering the album on tour right now. There are a lot of great records out and Arnd likes to play a lot of new stuff. We are quite happy to receive a lot of promos from so many talented artists.