Interview: Eagle I Stallian

Eagle I stallian

Eagle I Stallian, who recently released Between Dreams, is a musical duo coming out of Montreal. Having been at it for over 10 years—they have opened for Tiesto, Anjunabeat’s Ilan Bluestone and Mau5trap’s Matt Lange—their recent release “Between Dreams” tackles an interesting topic for the indie musician. It’s about not giving up. With their forthcoming EP ‘Reminiscence’ coming out August 12, they took some time to answer a few questions about, how in the face of reality, to make sure their dreams are not crushed. Among other things.

LSD: How did you get onto the topic of “Between Dreams?” Is it hard to follow your dream as a musician? 

Eagle I: We’re always faced with obstacles, especially when you’re following your dreams. ‘Between Dreams’ is a great representation of the hardship that we go through day in day out. It’s the daily hustle to keep on moving forward, never looking back. We’ve all come a long way since we started this journey and we’re very proud of it.

LSD: What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing a music career? 

Stallian: Dealing with each other! Lol. I’d say dealing with unreliable and unmotivated people in the industry! It took us a lot of time to find the right people to work with. Growing our team has been a continuous effort but we’re happy to say we have a solid team helping us grow and push our music.

What has been the biggest blessing? 

Stallian: The biggest blessing I would say was for us to have started working together. We’re a great team, we complement each other very well and I believe it is key to what Eagle I Stallian has become today!

LSD: What advice do you have for young artists entering music today, those who are intent on following their dreams? 

Eagle I: I’d tell them that the magic starts happening only when you commit your life to it. We work on production day in day out! We know nothing else but music. Sometimes a couple of days go by and we’re away from our world of music and we feel it right away! One thing I gotta say though, expect to be put down countless times. The more you get put down, the closer you are to your next victory. Just keep at it!

LSD: How do you feel about the state of electronic music today? Do you feel as though you are bringing an element of rock to the production? 

Stallian: Definitely. It’s our root, it’s where we come from. A lot of our sound design and compositions were inspired from those roots. The state of electronic music is definitely changing quite fast, we’re not in any need to follow any trends. It has become ridiculous. We’ll continue writing music that speaks to us and hope our fans enjoy it as well.

LSD: What are you working on next and have upcoming? 

Eagle I: We have so much exciting stuff coming out! We’re releasing a two-track instrumental EP entitled ‘Reminiscence’ that showcases our metal and rock background. A lot of cool sound design elements. We spent a lot of time fine tuning the sounds we were hearing in our heads, and it’s coming out on August 12. We also have a lot more tracks lined up in the following several months!

Check out Eagle I Stallian on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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