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Berlin-based label Dreiklang Records is known for releasing conceptual releases, focused on one main track and two reinterpretations, juxtaposing and unifying three particular electronic music sub-currents, a triangular approach that’s reflected in the name of the label (Drei meaning “three” and Klang “sound” in German ) and also in its logo.

Another particular detail that sets them apart is the fact that their releases are vinyl only, on 180gr high-quality wax with beautifully hand-drawn designs of Berlin artist Nils Altland gracing each sleeve, transforming the covers into individual works of arts.

Besides this more formal aspect, the label focuses on the quality of each release, creating a connection between the artists involved, who bring together their own energy and approach to electronic music, and the end result is always promising and exciting.

The latest addition to their catalog comes from Italian DJ and producer, and half of Minimono, Ennio Colaci, whose latest EP “Stereoscope” went out on 14th of March, featuring remixes from Tadeo and David Hausdorf.

We caught up with Ennio to discuss his musical influences, the scene in Italy, and more, and make sure to grab your copy of “Stereoscope EP” from Decks or Juno while it lasts.

Local Suicide: You started playing in a rock band in the 90s. What prompted you to choose rock and which were your musical influences back then?

Ennio Colaci: I started playing drums in a band when I was 13 years old and I stayed with the same band until I was 25, when it was disbanded. Our influences were classic bands like Velvet Underground and Stooges, and what was contemporary at the time, the 90s, as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Fugazi.


LSD: With Minimono you changed your musical direction. How did you and Fabio della Torre meet?

EC: Minimono was born in 97. In the beginning, it was an open artistic collective, but in 2001 it became a more strictly musical based project together with the release of our first homonymous vinyl “Minimono EP” for the Florentine label Urban Mantra, originally produced by me and my great friend Antonio Galasso who was at the time the sound engineer of the studio, where the whole Urban Mantra crew was creating its own music.

One year after, I met Fabio who was organizing some club nights also as DJ resident at ExMud Club, a historical Florentine club, now unfortunately defunct. Fabio was just back from Berlin where he lived for some years and he was a lot into the new micro house sound of labels like Logistic, Telegraph, Perlon, Tuning Spork. During those times I was a lot into IDM and minimalistic electronic music like Alva Noto, Brinkmann, Matmos and Mouse on Mars, trying to reach that sound and put it into a more techno or house music context. I gave Fabio a CD with some productions of mine and he started playing them during his sets. After a little bit of time, we started a club night together in Florence called “Werk” and making music together. We sent very soon some demos around and French label Telegraph (one of our favourites at the time ) picked up our track “Ok Feel” releasing it on the VA “Too Cool For School” .

LSD: How is the electronic music scene in Firenze? Have you ever thought of moving to cities like Amsterdam or Berlin?

EC: Firenze right now has a great and varied scene, even if some of the most authentic and alternative situations are unfortunately gone since long time. At the beginning of 2000 there were a lot of squats and self-organized venues, parties were lasting for days without security services and a lot of freedom. Now there are good parties with quality line ups as Lattex Plus, Tropical Animal and Nobody’s Perfect night at the historical Florentine club Tenax. There are very often experimental electronic music concerts and some festivals. So nothing is missing actually here, but it’s always so hard to keep all these situations alive as they do not get support by public institutions and politics, so most of the crews and parties need to be nomads, so always moving and changing venues.

I think Florence has always had plenty of DJs and producers who make good music and labels who are publishing their own products: Bosconi, Fresh Yo, Oltrarno, and more to come. I often thought to change place to live and moving from here, I was attracted by cities like Berlin, London or Amsterdam which were and still are cities with plenty of artists and artistic movements supported by their own governments. I come from the south of Italy and I moved to Florence in 94, but still, despite all the problems, difficulties and even after these last 20 years of cultural repression in Italy, there’s something that keeps me here, because, cyclically, this place revives again and somehow art is still an important aspect of Florence.

LSD: Tell us a bit more about the “Stereoscope EP” you recently released on the Berlin label Dreiklang? What was the inspiration behind it?

EC: The EP features 3 tracks, one is mine and two are the remixes by Tadeo and David Hausdorf. The original track was produced 3 years ago and it was sincerely inspired by Basic Channel which i consider some of the best electronic music ever made in Germany. Of course, you can easily hear some Dub influence, but it’s surely more dance floor oriented and less experimental compared to BC.

LSD: Are you planning on releasing an album in the near future?

EC: At the moment no LPs are planned. We published as Minimono a new one split in 2 EPs called “Theory Of Strings “, so I think it will take a while before we release another one. We have instead 2 new forthcoming EPs and some remixes with release dates planned between this summer and next fall. I don’t really know about my own personal production, I should release an EP for Dreiklang as we talked about with the label manager a while ago, let’s see if it happens. I like what this label is doing and its plans for the future, so I hope to keep on collaborating with them.

LSD: What music are you listening to at the moment that inspires you? Any hidden gems you could share with our readers?

EC: Usually I listen to a little bit of everything, maybe lately I dig more organic music compared to pure electronic music. Remaining in the Florence scene, I was impressed by new Herva‘s album on Planet Mu entitled “HyperFlux”, a very complex album, but still very pleasant to listen to, varied and with a very personal and trademarked sound. Frankly, I consider him now one of the best producers around.

A nice discovery has been Yussef Kamaal‘s album “Black Focus”, organic music, but with an electronic music attitude which recalls the different worlds of dance music like UK bass, house, disco in addition to a clear jazz fusion matrix and funky bottom: beautiful!

I’m listening a lot lately also to Malibu by Anderson Paak which is a little bit more pop, but good pop! What I mean is that this is true and mature soul music with a very emotional way of singing and a contemporary sound approach.

Oren Ambarchi “Ubris” and Klara Lewis “Too” are two very interesting records to listen to, perhaps lying on a couch, both published in 2016 by Editions Mego, label created by the defunct Mego who made history with experimental electronic music.


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