Interview & Exclusive Podcast: Santorini

Out-Er crew is going to come back in Berlin next week, and we really had to catch them. Santorini will be playing at Wilde Renate on 27/6 and that’s what you can expect from him: an atmospheric trip, full of hypnotizing chord turmoils and pumping glacial kicks. We’ve already interviewed him for Out-Er number ten release, Wax Not Wax EP, and in that occasion Santorini told us about his origins, music genres he took inspiration from, and his approach to producing and djing. Now, let’s look forward to his gig and enjoy the exclusive mix he made for Local Suicide!

LSD: Hello Andrea, what a pleasure to meet you again! Are you excited about your upcoming gig at Wilde Renate? Could we say this mix is a model of your usual dj set?

S: I use to listen to different kind of music genres, each one giving me a different sensation. Every one of them was functional to my artist growth, and some it still is. A podcast is always different from a dj set in a club but representative of my music approach: when i’m in front of the crowd i just feel the atmosphere and drive it in the direction i like to. It’s my first time at Renate and I’m really looking forward.

LSD: Would you name some records you can’t get rid of it in your gigs?

S: Of course I like keeping some journey-records apart from the rest of my collection, they let me to get in the tunnel and the public to follow me. I posted one on my Facebook fan page that i really love, it’s The Traveller from Shed, it’s perfect for an introduction moment or a break during the storm.

LSD: Your last release on Out-Er “Wax Not Wax” EP has amply spread around Europe between Rodhad, Surgeon, Dave Clarke and more. What are you proud of? How about your personal plans?

S: My focus and Out-Er’s is not on producing raging loop techno tracks, just making them the way we love to. We all make music to deliver enjoyable moments. Surgeon played the original version of Wax Not Wax, Rodhad and Dave Clarke the remix from Conforce, both tracks are special and let anyone feel a serene atmosphere, that’s what i love most of my last release. Right now, i have nothing planned for the future on Out-Er. I’m managing our upcoming releases and taking care of a secret project you’ll get aware of very soon.

LSD: What are your next gigs? Is Out-Er summer going to rock?

S: Well, yes, totally! The entire Out-Er roster will be busy in Italy and abroad. The season began very good as Simone Gatto played three times last week in Barcelona for Sonar OFF. We’ll also play in Plan B (Ibiza), Paris and London, while and on saturday there will be pure techno nights at Sound Department in south Italy, as big names have to be announced. Personally i am really excited for a secret location gig just confirmed from Knick Knack, as i’ll be part of a great line-up including a legend such Adam X.

LSD: What’s on the Out-Er agenda for the future?

S: Our EP number eleven includes the artist LaChriz, who made three outstanding tracks and Marco Zenker remixed one of them in his way. Then we’ll go on with the legendary dutch producer Orlando Voorn, who made an album of twelve experimental tracks belonging to an old school approach. Instead, Out 012 is from Simone Gatto, three melodious triply tracks as always plus a Legowelt remix.

LSD: Is there a main musical focus?

S: I can say our musical focus is wide as our approach is not restricted only to techno. We take inspiration from the Uk, Chicago and Detroit melodies and we decline them in house, electronic and techno tracks, in break beats or straight on. The common match point is on the final product, which is totally serene and dateless, always likable, in the dance floor or through the headphones.

LSD: What is Out-Er philosophy? Where does the name Out-Er come from?

S: Since the beginning, we are aware our productions are quite unusual, different from many mainstream labels out there. So, the world OUT had to be included in the project. Then, we just completed with “Electronic” and “Recordings”, and that’s how our label was born. Making something different is always a bet, for us it’s important we are not the only ones to like our music, as far as it keeps its enjoyable and radiant soul.

LSD: How do you choose the artists that are releasing on your label?

S: Our label holds producers who are close friends first of all. Beyond the music and technical skills, there’s a special relationship between us and that’s the energy that keeps us on fire. The choice behind each release is really accurate as we let the artists free to express themselves as they prefer, both if they already belong or not to Out-Er. Obviously, we coherently select a small range of artists as we don’t like to push them to a forced work for the reasons I’ve explained. LaChriz is a new one and perfectly represents us, as so the remixer, Marco Zenker.

LSD: Sounds great! How do you manage the detailed work behind a track? Have some of you studied or worked in this field maybe?

S: We’ve been making music by ourselves for years and we are quite confident with analogue and digital tools. Each track is produced in our studios we keep expanding as much as we can afford new instruments. One of us is not only a producer but a professional sound designer, really skilled and on the subject, he cares about the mixing of each EP. I got a bachelor in discography and label management, Ludovico Esposito is a digital marketing freelance while Simone Gatto looks to concept as he got deeper in philosophical studies. We make it professional as we are experienced in all the fields concerning a label: joining the forces is always positive!

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