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Recently, we presented the Genevan project Feed Your Soul and interviewed one of the founding-members about it. Today, Gelivan is talking about his more personal musical journey. Please meet the musician behind the FYS project. Who said the Swiss scene was running out of steam?

LSD: How long have you been playing?

Gelivan: I started tip-taping on mixing softwares in 2002, when I was around 14. I heard Swiss artist Koris play some trance and it kindled the flame. In 2006, I moved on to vinyls and later on, to digital DJing via softwares and controllers, in 2009.

LSD: You call yourself  “eclectic DJ”, what is that?

Gelivan: I use that term because I don’t want to be put in a box. I mostly play soulful music, should it be 80 bpm downtempo  or 170 bpm liquid drum n bass.

LSD: What are your main influences? Have they changed a lot?

Gelivan: Of course it has evolved a lot, especially in the past 2 years. The more music you listen to, the sharper your ears get. And that’s exactly what happened to me. So now, I’ really influenced by Ninja Tune artists, and the UK scene in general. Oh, and also the Belgian DJ LeFtO.

A gig/DJ that left a mark on you ?

Gelivan: DJ Marky at the Sun&Bass Festival in September 2012. It was simply perfect. And The Whitest Boy Alive in Barcelona in 2010 and the Crystal Fighters in Montreux in 2011.

You blog too ?

Gelivan: I did for a while, on a pretty irregular basis. Then I decided to focus on my podcast and some micro-blogging on my tumblr. And of course, networking, networking and networking!

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