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Ghettozoid, the brainchild of Sophie Ruston, is the master of voguey, bouncy beats that hit highs and lows on the dance floor. Since graduating from university in Bristol, she has worked with ‘Booty Breaks’ producer Deekline, was part of the booty bass collective Octopussy, has spun at SXSW alongside Estelle and set up her studio in Berlin. Most recently, her track Boy Toy caught the attention of the Houndstooth label, which has led her to new collaborations in the works. Ahead of her upcoming DJ gig at LARRY Club Berlin this Friday, we chatted about her tracks, visiting London and porridge.

LSD: Your “Boy Toy” track has gained considerable attention. What’s the story behind that one?
Ghettozoid: ‘Boy Toy’ was inspired by the poster ‘Attack of the 50 Ft woman’ and by the Replicants in the film Blade Runner. I wanted to tell the story of an indestructible woman who is set out to destroy men but who eventually crumbles and breaks herself. After I had sent it out to a few people, I had lots of requests to work with my vocals and it led to my meeting King Cannibal who then re worked it as House of Black Lanterns and released on Houndstooth, which was great!

LSD: What keeps you in Berlin?
G: London made me sick! You have to work for the ‘Man’ too much to survive there and I also felt constantly reminded of my social status there — that took up valuable creative space physically and mentally. Berlin is wild and is always there for you with open arms no matter what mood you’re in. Freedom of expression here is unrivaled and I’ve learned a lot about gender, sexuality, politics and more. Berlin challenges my conditioning on a daily basis.

LSD: How often do you get back to England and what are your thoughts on London nightlife?
G: I usually go back every three months or so. I used to be in a band ‘Bubbz & the Black Notez’ based in London which was a hugely exciting time and we gigged a lot there. The thing I love about London (and the rest of the UK) is its huge urban music scene. I love that influence and the rhythms and creativity that come with it – I often find that lacking in Berlin. However I would say a lot of really awesome clubs are now closed due to gentrification and I think there is less on offer nowadays.

LSD: What is One4Ho?
G: One4Ho was a label set up by myself and Mai Harper who I met in Berlin. I had been running several record labels in London at the time and I really wanted to start one myself. It was essentially a label based around 140 bpm tempo. They were good times but also expensive times – I often hid in my studio only eating porridge or rice for weeks on end during a release!

LSD: What are you currently working on?

I’m all about collaborations! So I’m working on a project where I host artists who work in dance/movement, theatre, costume, film and drag. For a week, we each give and take part in workshops which will up towards creating and shooting video for footage to be used for my next track ‘High St Fetish.’ I am also part of a group of people who put on secret forest raves in Berlin called ‘House in the Woods’ which is all about the love of music and are very special. The next one is actually this coming Saturday. I’m also confirming some gigs in Germany and the UK and focusing on mixing down a whole bunch of unfinished tracks.

Check out Ghettozoid’s DJ set at LARRY this Friday, August 28. Check her out on Mixcloud and on SoundCloud.

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