Interview & Giveaway: Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight

The saga of Lady Starlight is now a well documented one. From Lady Gaga megastardom to conquering the finest Berlin clubs by ways of a high profile collaborationswith techno hero Surgeon, the story of the New-York transplant is one of uncompromised hard work, backed by deadly releases on some of techno’s most respected labels.

Pushing a speedy, stripped back sound, Lady Starlight’s live sets are praised affairs which hark back to the energy-rush of 90s techno. This Saturday she will be joined by DJ Deep, Christopher Rau, Andrejko and more at a very special off location party deep in West Berlin which we can’t recommend enough. Full details will emerge very soon and we’re happy to have 2×2 guestlist spots to give away for the event. To win a pair of tickets, simply leave a comment under the article and winners will be notified prior to the party.

Ahead of the night, we catch up with Lady Starlight for a short chat about life in Berlin, the pulse of techno and her most recent outing on Len Faki’s label Figure.

Hi Collen, thank you for speaking to us. You moved to Berlin about a year ago, how has life been so far and how is the German coming along?

Hello! It’s been great, moving to Berlin from New York City was absolutely the right choice. It’s amazing to be around so many other techno artists. It’s very solitary, you spend most of your time alone, on the weekdays in the studio, and on weekends traveling and performing. So having a community of artists really helps with feelings of isolation.

My German on the other hand…nothing’s helping with that..hahahahaha

Do you feel that living over here has altered your sound somehow or your perspective on techno or just music in general?

I live in another universe, so my location on this planet never makes a difference.

Congratulations on your new EP on Figure, it sounds wicked! Glad to see that the BPMs are still high. You’ve said how you feel that the 140bpm + range has a special shuffle to it. Could you expand on that? And what should we take away from the title “Which One Of Us Is Me?”

Thanks! I see a strong similarity between the current state of techno and the state of rock in the early-mid 70s. The charts were dominated by overly complicated prog rock, the plot had been a bit lost…people were forgetting key components to rock: fun, excitement and energy. then along came punk rock which stripped away everything EXCEPT these qualities.

In regards to techno, to have simplicity with energy and movement, it has to be faster than the modern average of 130. The title is a lyric from my favourite band, Van Der Graaf Generator. It’s about the duality of human nature. I’m using it to say something about the public vs private persona. This used to be a thing that only effected public figures, but now anyone who engages with social media presents one image to the world and has a totally different private self. whether you acknowledge it or not, it creates an internal conflict. We all are asking ourselves, Which One of Us is Me?

Is techno your sole artistic focus at the moment or are you working on other projects?

I am always 100% focused on one artistic goal at a time. So techno is my life at the moment.

If your life a series of left turns, what do you reckon the next one might be?

I will know when i receive the message from the universe. I’ll keep you posted.

What are your plans and wishes for the year to come?

I’m very happy with my life and work, so i simply want it to continue.


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