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Paco Terio, AKA Diggler (the face behind Groove Squared), brings his new EP Chemistry to Engrave LTD. The new release formed by 4 versions of the same single includes remixes from Dodi Palese and Musumeci – both co-owners of the mentioned record label Engrave LTD.

Read what Diggler told LSD and have a listen to the treatments Palese and Musumeci gave to the “intense vocals and the kind of noir atmosphere mixed with unusual ironic lyrics” brought in by the Italian DJ who promises will play naked if his new release makes it to the top 10 on Beatport.


LSD: If you were to tell us about you and your life story in a few sentences, how would you put it? 

Diggler: How would I put it? I think I’d put myself on a red sofa replying (with lies) to the questions of a great psychiatrist. Actually, I can say that I’ve fallen many times, but always tried to get up, in so many different ways… I have done everything to always stay afloat and I believe I’ll continue doing so. The most important thing for me is that I can always play, no matter what it takes.

LSD: What did you grow up listening to?

D: I listened to everything and let myself be influenced by all music genres. Having said that, it was through watching movies that I really started to enjoy music, from a very young age, so that’s something I’ll definitely carry on doing.

LSD: So what’s currently on your playlist?

D: This is a difficult question for me because even though I try to have a clear idea of what to play before playing, I constantly end up changing my mind when I’m behind the decks. I have always done so. I like to be inspired by the dancefloor and play the music depending on the feeling I get from the people, keeping my best tracks to the end though.
I can tell you a few I currently have on my playlist, but I’m sure I’ll forget some:

1. Thinking Allowed – Tornado Wallace
2. Origami – Kasper Bjørke
3. Knowing we’ll be here (kink remix) – Daniel Avery
4. My Ambition (Pazul’s Madijuana Remix) – Madmotormiquel & N.Y.N
5. Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix) – Vincenzo ft. Minako
6. Heads Above (Robag Wruhme remix) (Remix) – WhoMadeWho
7. Here Is My Soul (Franz Alice Stern Remix) – Fynn

Obviously all Engrave Ltd releases!

LSD: What inspires you to play?

D: I belong to the romantic people category, so my answer is – doubtless – the love, and the pain that it causes. I live the relationship with music as if I’d fallen in love with a person. The difference is that this ‘person’ never changes, and I cannot stop loving ‘her’.

LSD: What is great music to you?

D: The music is great. 

LSD: Is there a story behind the title of your new EP – Chemistry?

D: Chemistry is one of the foundations for life development. The idea for the lyrics came from the contrast between the continuous flow of things and the behaviour of mankind, which is in contrast with the laws of the Universe.


LSD: Chemistry is now on Beatport’s top 20 releases! How does that make you feel?

D: It was an awesome surprise to me and I am happy, obviously.

LSD: You’ve made us all a promise: “If it gets to the Top 10, I’ll play without clothes… It’s a fuckin’ promise”… Do you swear?

D: Yes. Ahahah

LSD: Are you on the top 10 yet?

D: I’m Not…

LSD: And now?

D: I am in the eleventh place!

LSD: What’s the best time and place to listen to your music?

D: At one of my DJ sets, of course. The next one will be at Humboldthain Club, in Berlin, on August 29th.

LSD: What is planned for the future?

D: There will be a new release in 40 days called AI, along with the remix by Franz Alice Stern (get physical) and Steve Hope (kitball rec.). There will be more exciting news before the end of the year, but you will have to wait…

Groove Squared


LSD: If you were to advise someone on how to become a great DJ what would you tell them?

D: Have passion; listen to all types of music; don’t be afraid of the mixer (it won’t overcook your fingers) and always watch the dancefloor.

LSD: One last question: are you on the top 10 yet?

D: I’m not… Ahahahahhahahahahahha
11th – Damm it!!!


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