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Photo by:  Jesse Lirola
Photo by: Jesse Lirola

Structurally unrecognizable, remixed, incredibly loud and vocals like hymns that get under your skin…sounds like HEALTH. After their last studio release, GET COLOR in 2009, and the release of the MAX PAYNE soundtrack, HEALTH is back. Anticipating the release of their next record this year, the Los Angeles based noise group will be kicking off their mini European tour and heading over to one of their favorite cities, Berlin, in just a matter of weeks.

Bassist John Famiglietti spoke with us about changes in the L.A music scene, and the band’s Facebook persona, all while lying in bed at his mom’s house.

LSD: How is the music scene in L.A right now? For example, a lot of artists have moved there in the last few years, such as Brooke Candy, who moved from New York to LA, do you know her?

JF: Yeah, I have met her a couple of times…. she’s interesting.

LSD: So, do you think that the city is more happening for music?

JF: I don’t know really, because I don’t know of any music that’s coming out right now where I really feel “yeah” about it, but it’s definitely a lot more fun to live in L.A. There is also a lot more things you can do that are music related. It does seem that a lot more people are moving here in comparison to before. But about Brooke, I don’t really know why she moved to L.A., who knows what she’s doing. I don’t really have my ear to the ground like I used to.

LSD: So, in what major ways has L.A. changed?

JF: I mean now there is a huge network of all night parties and events and you can string all of these together all throughout the weekend. I don’t think that kind of stuff was in L.A before, and if it was, I didn’t know about it. Basically stuff I would have only associated before with Berlin and major cities in Europe.

In regards to going to Berlin, we are incredibly excited to be back on the road, and especially to have the chance to play at Berghain. It will feel good to be a normal band again, touring and interacting with fans.

LSD: In terms of reaching out to your fans before, who is the one posting the stuff on your Facebook?

JF: That is either myself, or Jake, the singer. We write all the Facebook and Twitter posts ourselves.

LSD: When I read on Facebook I can’t help noticing the difference between your music, which can be really beautiful and serious and then your posts can be, at times, pretty rough.

JF: Yeah, friends of our band have asked us, “why do you guys do that? Because you guys make such serious pristine music and then the social media thing really messes with your image.” But we haven’t put out an album in so long, it’s kind of like the main way that we can interact with fans. If we’re going to use social media, we want to do something. I don’t want to just write a post saying that I ate eggs this morning or something like “Oh, so excited…yaaay”, no, that’s stupid. You want to maybe aim it to say something that’s on your mind or a joke that gets people engaged.

LSD: So your Facebook persona is just the public you?

JF: Well, it’s half and half. Everything we say is pretty much truthful. There are a handful of times where it’s skewed or put in a joke format. But yeah, it’s mostly true. I think we also have this thing with fans where they turn out to be kind of mean and familiar with you in this Facebook persona, so it’s like “oh, you’re an asshole, I guess I can be an asshole too.”

HEALTH will get loud at Berghain on June 5th, so be sure to get tickets now, because this will be, without a doubt, an amazing show.

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