Interview: Istanbul’s Electronic Trio Astrofella

PAR30_Cover_Artwork_WebHaving played multiple live shows, from local venues to open air festivals, Astrofella have accomplished a respectable amount within the latter 3 years. Their rhapsody of ambient electronica/ post-rock fusion is on the mark for 2017.  

Founded in 2012, Partapart Records is a label set in the midst of the thriving neo-cultural scene in Istanbul. Pushing the freshest in experimental talent, Astrofella is another notch on the expanding index of Partapart.

LSD: What was your first significant musical encounter – one that could be attributed to triggering your passion for beat making?

A: We all were interested in and performing different genres of music. The idea behind Astrofella that united us was to sound electronic on the record but play as a rock band on stage. Our previous experiences in blues, rock and techno music as producers and performers fed this idea on all stages of production and performance.

LSD: How has the Turkish capital furthered your own personal development as a producer/ dj, and which advantages/disadvantages do you see the city having for up-and-coming producers?

A: Istanbul is a stange city. Every corner you turn opens up for a new kind of inspiration. Sometimes it is a subway musician playing a santour, which you can sample and lay beats on it. Another turn you find yourself in an art gallery with out of this world illustrations, next one may lead to a group of protesters of the current government or to the tranquil chaos of a crowded bazaar. You’ll never know. Anyone from any discipline of art should consume and digest this city to find new opportunities for inspiration.


LSD: In regards to initiating Sunmoon, from where did you draw the fundamental themes for the EP and why were you inspired to do so?

A: Sunmoon EP emerges from the idea of opposition in coalescence. “Apollo” and “Artemis” are siblings as you know, also they are the sun and the moon, day and night, light and darkness. Lyrics of the tracks are written and the video for “Artemis” is shot with this idea in mind.

Soundwise, every bit of sound you’ll hear in this EP are analog recordings, no midi or sample. We tried to keep the instrument count as low and the sound as full as possible.

LSD: You summarise yourselves as “the impersonation of a melodramatic astronaut”. What’s the next extraterrestrial journey you’d like to take your listeners to?

A: We don’t know that either. We usually throw ourselves in a wormhole and see where it leads. We do a lot of sampling from vinyls and casettes lately. It’s something we haven’t done before so our next bounced material will always be different from what we previously did. We’re obsessed with change.

LSD: Finally, who else should we listen out for in Istanbul? 

A: We can’t start without mentioning our brothers in crime Men With A Plan, Z * Axis and Mind Shifter. We’re all signed with our local label Partapart and exchange a lot of beats, remixes, featurings and so on… Other than 1st degree homies you definitely should hear Hiccup, a part of Avosync community/label. Also you should devour anything that comes out from these two labels: Tektosag & M4NM (music for non musicians).

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