Interview: Kenneth James Gibson

kenneth james gibson
Kenneth James Gibson has been an active part of the music scene for over 20 years. He is responsible for over 200 releases under many monikers such as [a]pendics.shuffle, Reverse Commuter, Kenneth James G., Men In Slippers, Cascabel Gentz, K.J. Gibbs, dubLoner, ‘Premature Wig, Bal Cath and Eight Frozen Modules. Kenneth is also the label manager of Adjunct Audio, that last week released a wonderful compilation called “For every moment of triumph, Vol 4” and mixed by legendary artist Blakkat. Find out more about him and the label below!

LSD: How did your relationship with music begin, and at what point did you decide to start your own label?

KJG: Well my relationship with music started when i was a kid and I picked up my dads acoustic guitar and started fucking around with it. That grew into me getting my own electric guitar and then later starting a band in high school. I didn’t start recording and releasing records till the early 90’s with my band Furry Things. I started making straight up electronic tracks in the mid 90’s and releasing my first material as Eight Frozen Modules on King Coffee’s (of the Butthole Surfers fame) Trance Syndicate label. That stuff was mostly made on a half broken Ensoniq EPS sampler, Alesis drum machine and a 4 track. I took a small break after that and got into software based stuff and dove head first into doing more detailed kind of experimental tracks as Eight Frozen Modules and deeper electronic dub stuff as dubLoner. All my records always had some 4/4 techno based stuff, but i started focusing on doing more full on dance floor tracks around 2003 and releasing the first [a]pendics.shuffle records in 2004. I did a bunch of releases for the Seattle label Orac and became good friends with label co-owner Konstantin Gabbro. Right around this time Konstantin moved to LA and we decided to start a label together through Kompakt and Adjunct was born! Konstantin left Adjunct to focus on his new label Zoomb├ęzoom, but still releases with us as Papa Sang Bass. For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume 4 will mark our 67th release.

LSD: For those of us based in Europe, can you tell us a little bit about the music scene over in LA at the moment?

KJG: Well to be honest, the last couple years my schedule has been a bit too hectic to spend much time at clubs when i’m not actually playing. It’s a healthy scene I’d imagine, I’m just to far removed from it at the moment to give a real assessment.

LSD: Does the music in LA influence Adjuncts sound at all?

KJG: Not really, no.

So tell us a little bit about the upcoming compilation. This is a top-notch selection of tracks, how did these come into your possession?

KJG: Glad you dig it! and yes, I must agree on the top-notch-ness! There’s a lot of the Adjunct regulars and a couple new comers as well. We just asked people we really like and respect to do a track for the occasion and this is what we got. As always, we’re very happy with the outcome and thankful to everyone involved for sharing their magic with us.

LSD: The compilation is mixed by Blakkat, how and when did you two meet? He sounds like an interesting character.

KJG: Mark is great! and yes, he’s an interesting character for sure. I met him years back through Chris Milo, AKA Three, and we have been friends since. I don’t really remember under what circumstances we actually met, but i do know a lot of drinks were consumed! We have collaborated on tunes such as our “Heavy Burdens High” release on Adjunct and have done remixes for each other as well. Mark is a brilliant DJ, producer, and vocalist and were thrilled to have him on board for volume 4!


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