Interview: Klaudia Gawlas

Klaudia Gawlas Local Suicide

Loved by many for her positive energy and great mixing skills, Klaudia Gawlas is one of the top DJs hailing from Germany, who keeps DJing every weekend in a different corner of the world. In 2012, she founded a record label MOD with her German colleague and DJ Eric Sneo. Three years ago, she has also established herself as a successful producer with her album ‘Zeitgeist‘ and received awards for its track ‘Papillon‘ as well as for her DJing skills. And this year, she followed up on her debut with ‘Vision‘ LP released via Credo, which confirms her outstanding and sensual production skills. In the interview with Local Suicide, Klaudia talks about the intentions behind the new album, the necessities of a good producer and her love for techno.

LSD: What was your vision for ‘Vision’? And have you fulfilled it?

KG: My vision was to create a driving, energetic sound that also has emotional components. When listening to the album you should feel the sound, not just hear it. I also wanted a recognizable development on the album that is why I started with an intro and worked towards a climax. I‘m pretty happy with the result.

LSD: I know that in the recent years, the pressure on DJs to produce is very strong, even though the disciplines differ and it’s not easy for every DJ to create unique and successful productions. Yet you mastered both categories:  In the year 2013, you were voted the best DJ in Faze mag for the first time. The same year, you released your debut album, whose track ‘Papillon’ won ‘the best track’ category. Apart from talent, what would you say were the key abilities which brought you to being an award winning producer.

KG: Hard work, hard work and hard work when it comes to the technical side of producing. You also have to be very critical towards what you have created and willing to dump what does not work on the dancefloor, even if you have invested a lot of time and effort into it. But if you are really convinced of a track – like I was with Papillon – then you must pull through even when labels don‘t want to release it. So believing in yourself is essential.

LSD: How does DJing influence you in production and what is your overall approach to music making? What are the things you try to avoid when creating a track?

KG: For me DJing is one of the most important influences in my productions. When I come back after a weekend I‘m full of ideas that I try to realize in the studio. And it‘s not just the gigs that inspire me, but also traveling and meeting so many different people. You have a certain flow after a good weekend and you try to channel that in a track. What I actually avoid right now are too many vocal parts in my tracks as they would distract the listener from the various sound elements.

LSD: Your new LP is very immersive and combines an intense energy with subtle changes in time and organic sound environment. How do you achieve this sound? And was Credo involved in the making of process?

KG: It was very important for me how my album actually sounded. I wanted to create a warm, deep sound that translates into energy and vibrancy. I used a lot of filters that enabled me to fade in and out of some components which also leads to more variation and development in the sound surroundings. The final mix was recorded at the Credo Studio using some older tools to influence the sound color.


LSD: Since you’ve already achieved so much, do you set any further goals for your DJ and producer career?

KG: Of course, there are a lot of events around the world which I would love to play. I‘m still hungry to discover new stages and clubs.

You always strive to get better in every respect anyway – in performing and producing. Music is a journey and the more experience you have, the more you can realize your visions.

LSD: According to your interviews, your natural and relaxed attitude for DJing and active social media presence, you seem to be always excited and driven forward. What is your source of never-exhaustible motivation and energy?

KG: I love what I do and I do what I love. It‘s as easy as that. I love techno and I never get tired of performing because I can also tap into the energy created on the dancefloor. This is what keeps me going. Of course, you also need to recharge your batteries after the weekend, but as soon as Friday approaches, I can‘t wait for the next party to start. I think, I‘m just a party animal.