Interview: Marc Baker


Earlier this month, on January 13, Rostock-based DJ and producer Marc Baker released Hexentrommel EP, his fifth release on his own imprint  Kippschalter. With 2 original raw techno cuts and 2 remixes from TAG & WANDRACH and Coeter One, Marc Baker’s label is off to a good start of 2017.

While he seems to be quite busy throwing parties across Germany, we managed to catch him and discuss his EP, black magic techno, and the Kippschalter parties

LSD:  You’ve got roots in punk rock and playing the guitar. Have you had bands, and what was your path towards the techno you make today?

MB: I was always fascinated by the wildness and rough sound of my electric guitar. From today’s view, that was the initial phase of my musical finding process. I’ve never been really eager enough to play in a band, but playing music was always big fun. Techno has this rough and analog way as well and I was drawn by this subculture and the whole commotion.


LSD: The translation of the name of your upcoming EP ‘Hexentrommel’is a “witch drum” and the title track sounds indeed like powerful music accompanying a ritual. Did you start with the name in your head and an intention to create some black magic techno, or did the sound come first?

MB: There was a dark flair developed by my track witch drum. The machines in the studio always have their own spirit. This driving and powerful kickdrum reminds me of a kind of ritual of hypnosis and magic. With these images in my head, the name was nearly obvious.

LSD: How did you get the Berlinbased duo TAG & WANDRACH and Coeter One on board for the remixes on ‘Hexentrommel’ EP?

MB: Since my first steps in the world of techno and my first publications on Kippschalter, I’ve found a musical friend and companion in DJ T.A.G. of Tag & Wandrach.  The sound of this duo does fit greatly on the EP and I really liked the idea of a remix. The artist Coeter has been an inspiration for me for the last years. I was really happy about his commitment to make a remix for my label.


LSD: Apart from your upcoming EP, what else is planned for Kippschalter Recordings in 2017?

MB: In 2017 there will definitely be a release of my friend Josh. I’m also looking forward to the first release of Christian Kliché. At the moment I’m working on my next release by forcing the analog sound a bit further.


LSD: Aside from running a Kippschalter label, you’ve also started throwing Kippschalter parties. How do you put the line-ups together and what is your aim with the parties?

MB: Our kind of techno and the true spirit became rare in Mecklenburg. Schwerin and the club Kantine 30 accommodated us very well and I am happy about every long night.  I always refine the line-ups with artists who are inspiring to me. In 2017, we will also host some parties in a great location in my hometown Rostock.


LSD: If Chemical Brothers and Sven Väth would be playing the same night, which one of the events would you choose to attend?

MB: A few years ago I would have answered this question differently. Today I would choose the Chemical Brothers. In my youth, I was moved by their sound. I associate their sound, especially the older tracks, with a lot of events in my life, teenage friends and a lot of first times.
Hexentrommel EP is available to buy on Beatport.