Interview: Marco Bailey

Marco Bailey is a techno DJ and producer from Belgium. He has written numerous tracks such as ScorpiaThis is my groove and more recently The Lion.
Sniff title (Cokeman) (1995) remains one of the biggest trance anthems of the 1990s.
Twenty years  have seen Belgian’s number one dj break through the national borders to join the big league of worldwide techno artists. He travels the world playing the biggest events as well as the small intimate clubs. His mixture of party techno, minimal and electronic house moves the crowds.

He also established MB Elektronics & MB Selektions, outlets that would go on to feature legends like Ben SimsUmek and Adam Beyer, while Pornographic Recordings was set up with Christian Valera, as an outlet to promote talent from the great unknown.

Marco Bailey released a month ago, his latest EP with the titles Stella and Smasher on Intec Digital and his latest EP Stars & Shines with Tom Hades on Bedrock records that we highly recommend you to listen to.

LSD: You are one of the best producers of techno music, but prior to music what was your passion?

MB: I was into sports and motorbiking before music.

LSD: What people, outside the music world, have influenced you throughout your lifetime?

MB: Outside of music, in my lifetime my father has been my major influence factor that has made me the person I am.

LSD: What sort of Equipment metrics do you use?

MB: At present i am using Ableton and Traktor and working with various other plug-ins. In the studio Ableton is one of my major components i use in production. I use Traktor mostly when I do dj sets for performances.

LSD: Sniff your title (Cokeman) (1995) remains as one of the biggest Electronic Dance anthems of the 1990’s. Not to mention your album Dragon Man released in 2011 with John’w Digweed collaboration and your last huge track the Lion on MB Elektronics. What are your goals when producing a record?

MB: To make people go crazy and have a great time on the dance-floor and believe in my music!

LSD: Sasha Carassi has had previous releases on your label MB Elektronics. In France this has attracted our attention and ears first and also Tom Hades with the release Final Lap EP on you label as well. Who are the leading upcoming artists of your label and what can we expect for 2012 ?

MB: Lots of super cool and great releases by Tom Hades, Luigi Madonna, Cristian Varela , Simone Tavazzi and some new faces to be seen and heard!

LSD: Among the incredible number of dates you have, what do you think is the most original and unique event ?

MB: There are too many to write and speak of, as each country has their special niche and festivals, and I am very unbiased. I make the best out of each situation when I play and bring my style of music to the people to feel that electronic force of Dragon breathing fire on the dance-floor.

LSD: Being known for producing quality hits throughout the world on many labels and your own label. What powers that overflow of creativity and what can your fans expect concerning your touring and producing for this year?

MB: All I want to do is make as many great records for the masses as possible and be an influence and try to give some wisdom of crowd movement so that the artists on Mb electronic go forward and myself, too. My favorite events are doing festivals..I am hoping that this year in “France” they will evolve with the new wave of Electronic Dance Music and book different artists rather then the usual same artist year after year!

LSD: What do you like to do outside music?

MB: I Enjoy relaxing in my sauna and driving my motorbike.:)

LSD: What can we expect from you in the near future?

MB: Great releases on Mb elektronics from Marco Bailey and the artists mentioned above, continued weekly momentum of my Elektronic Force weekly show which we has globally syndicated and has some powerhouse guest each month. The radio show can be found on soundcloud, mixcloud and your favorite download live-set network and many broadcast Fm networks worldwide.

And last but not least the party Mecca, Ibiza this summer should get ready for my party in Ibiza every Wednesday at Eden.

LSD: Please recommend some ‘must listen’ tracks to our readers :

MB: The Sniper : Marco Bailey
Tepito : Marco Bailey
Stars & Shines : Marco Bailey & Tom Hades

Here is the  latest release on Bedrock with Tom Hades is keep rocking the Beatport to listen here :

“From the first play I knew Stars & Shines was a monster track and it has been my closing track for last few months, it still sends shivers up my spine now and is destined to be a future classic” – John Digweed

Stars & Shines – No.12 @ Top 100 Tech House – Why Don’t You Answer – No.42 @ Top 100 Tech House – Shakey Solar – No.92 @ Top 100 Tech House

Released by: Bedrock Records 
Release/catalogue number: BEDDIGI18  – Release date: Mar 5, 2012  – Buy here!

And also a special gift for our readers, Elektronic Force Podcast 065 with Marco Bailey to download for free here: 

Thanks to Marco Bailey, Corey Biggs & Professional Rockstars.


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