Interview: Mogwai

It's Christmas time and Randy is looking for a present for his son. In an old antique store he finds a furry little creature called Mogwai (“evil spirit” or “devil” in Cantonese). Mogwai is a lovable creature, but there are three instructions that need to be followed, in order for him to stay lovable, never expose the Mogwai to bright lights, never put it in water, and never feed it after midnight. What happens if you don't follow these instructions, we have already seen in the film “Gremlins”. In 1995 five Scottish guys, who has a thing for Christmas, evil stories and post rock, formed a band, that was about to become one of the most influential and successful post-rock bands of all times, Mogwai. Their music is so atmospherical, hypnotising and epic and there are no instructions that need to be followed in order to enjoy it. Here is an interview we took for Curt Magazine with them telling us how weirdos, but at the same time nice the Germans are dancing to post rock sounds…

LS: Many postrock-bands follow this simple „quiet to loud“ thing, you don`t. I always feel this aggression coming through the velvet sounds. What makes your sound that different and also succesful?

M: I have no idea. We don’t really know why people like our music and neither do we know what makes us different to anyone else. I suppose if you put 5 people in a room with musical instruments and then have a different room with 5 other people with musical instruments, they’ll just come up with different music.

LS: You were 20 years old when you released your debut „Young Team“. Where do you see Mogwai in another 13 years?

Lidl or Aldi’s probably. Working at the cashpoint. Or celebrating the 13 year anniversary of you asking this question. You are welcome to the party, bring some wine.

LS: Is your music political in any way? What`s up with this animal-rights activist video to „Hunted By A Freak“?

M: Our music cannot be political, it has no words, mostly.
The video was made by a company in Canada that had a good idea for the song. It doesn’t have much to do with the actual song, which we quite like about it.

LS: Do you remember any weird story when touring in Germany?

M: I remember that it’s one of the only countries in the world where people come and dance to our music which makes us confused but quite happy.

LS: The last 3 bands from Glasgow that hit Germany like Amy Macdonald, Paolo Nutini and Aerogramme were all disappointing. What will be the next big hitter?

I wish I knew so that I could sign them to our own record label and make millions of pounds. Errors are a great band but we’ve already signed them and so is Remember Remember.