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Berlin-based artist Muui, who also operates under the hasher-techno guise Patrik Carrera, is about to release his first album on Crossfrontier Audio. Escape The Remedies is live Tech-House with an admitted penchant for the sweeter side of the electronic world and we highly recommend you don’t skip the release party which is happening on Wednesday January 14th at Watergate (for an idea of what to expect listen to his Electronic Beats mix from a couple of months back).

LSD: Hi MUUI, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am MUUI, a producer and live act living in Berlin via Sydney. I’ve been involved in music in various ways over the years from being the music buyer at a record store and running club events alongside producing and playing shows. This past year I’ve been super focused on playing live and alongside releasing music as MUUI I also release tougher techno under the name Patrik Carrera and run a digital/vinyl record label Paranoid Dancer.

LSD: Escape The Remedies is a 90 minute live performance that’s broken down into tracks. You do feel the common thread but you also expect the tracks to really blend into one another. Why did you make the decision to have the tracks sit completely separate from each other?

The idea was initially to just release a live mix as a album, unlike just a live jam it was to have some structure and planning  to create a continuous piece of music that I wanted to be consumed as a whole and not as individual tracks, however after some early recordings went up on sound cloud, some good club shows and some good feedback for some tracks the label wanted to also have some singles, so the plan changed slightly and what was meant to be a few singles soon became all of them, created from the individual stem recordings, recorded parts and re-recordings.

LSD: Are there elements that are constantly present throughout the album? I remember reading Nicolas Jaar saying he had the sound of him breathing constantly as background noise throughout one of his album…

There is nothing constantly present aside from the equipment used.  I can appreciate the idea behind having a underlying theme or constant element but I think my attention span is too short to persist with an idea like this.

LSD: What’s behind the title of the album?

Escape the remedies is just an idea, a thought I had. Just like the music it can mean a lot or nothing at all, people find importance and meaning in words, just like music in their own way and in their own time if at all.

LSD: You perform with an analog live setup as oppose to the growing trend of running elements through Ableton and slapping the live label on it. For you does live necessarily imply the use of machines?

I think the important thing is the end result and the sound that’s spilling onto the dance floor no matter if it’s via a laptop and controller or an all analog set up with no computer. Some people are mesmerized by the Iive performance/entertainment side of a live act whilst others don’t really know what’s going on or maybe even care they just want to hear good music. If I go to see a live act I like to witness some type of live performance aspects not just polished off stems from the studio replayed in sequence. Personally I embrace both the analog and the digital realm combining machines with Ableton which allows me to translate my ideas and my style of live performance.

LSD: Are there things that you do live that you feel are too difficult to capture on a recording?

The main thing that maybe won’t translate from the club into a recording is the flow of a set. Maybe there are more or less breakdowns and build ups or maybe parts carry on for way too long but this is something that will happen in the moment whilst feeding off the crowd which is working at that time but won’t make for such nice listing later.

LSD: What does your live setup look like at the moment?

For live it actually changes each time I play depending on what I’ve been doing and using in the studio recently but always I’ll have with me a drum machine, synth, sequencer, effects pedals together with whatever sounds, loops, midi I’m running out of my laptop. For Watergate the set up will be something like this: Roland TR-8, Nord Lead, Moog Voyager, Doepfer Dark Time, Roland Space Echo, Eventide Space, MFB Synth 2, Ableton and a mixing desk.

LSD: What should the audience expect from your release party at Watergate?

There will be some tracks from the album alongside some new sounds I’ve been working on and some sounds that I don’t even know what they are yet till it happens.

LSD: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Playing some more live shows, exploring more live possibilities and introducing some new equipment into my live set up alongside working on lots of new music for a few new concepts this year.

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