Interview: Pete Philly & Perquisite

The Netherlands and hip hop? It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Not only it aint’t a joke, but Pieter “Pete Philly” Monzon, the MC/vocalist, and Pieter “Perquisite” Perquin, the cellist, producer and composer of the music, are pretty good. Have a look at the interview they gave us for Curt Magazine.

LS: Was it hard for you to get respected in the international rap scene as you come from the Netherlands, which isn`t really famous for this kind of (indie-) rap?

P: I don’t know. Maybe it took us a bit longer than a group from the States or the UK might have taken it but we’re also blessed to be from The Netherlands in that sense that Amsterdam, where we live, is a really inspiring, multicultural place. I think that has really influenced our music in a big way.

LS: How did you get to this mixture of different music styles like Jazz, Soul or Instrumental Rap which forms the unique PP&P style?

P: Productionwise i’m just influenced a lot by those types of music. I mostly grew up with classical music and the stuff they played on the radio back then. When I got 12 and went to highschool I really got into Hip Hop. And through the Hip Hop I was listening too, like Tribe Called Quest, De La and Black Sheep I started to get interested in Jazz and Soul. The great thing about Hip Hop is that you can integrate all of these different styles into it. Besides that Pete really added a soul & reggae flavor in our sound because of his unique timing, the melodies he comes up with and the way he sings. So, it all was kind of a natural development I guess.

L: Who came up with the idea to let everyone prelisten your full album on What did your label think about this promotion strategy?

P: We just thought this was a cool way to promote our music. But we’ve never put the full album online. It was just about 4 or 5 tracks and also by then the album was already released in The Netherlands. The Dutch release date was about 4 months prior to the European release date.

LS: What do you think about german rap acts?

P: I don’t know that many German rap acts. I do know about Dynamite Deluxe, Max Herre, Die Fantastischen Vier and Joy Denelane but I don’t know their music well enough to really say anything about it. It’s cool though that you have such a big and vibrant German Hip Hop scene.

LS: Besides Talib with whom would you like to collaborate on your next album?

P: I do have a wishlist but that’s for our eyes only… ;-). So I really can’t tell you anything about that. Also I really believe in the fact that you should work with the people you meet along the way. We’ve met a lot of cool artists this summer on the various festivals throughout Europe and there are definetely some of them that we might work with in the near future.

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