Interview: Plateau Repas Pair French Tracks & Cuisine


French/Berliner ideological construct Plateau Repas (at this point the band status just doesn’t do them justice) are back on the market with their new album BEST OF. Ten years of intense sweating and dancing their way through some of the best parties in Europe, digested and condensed in 10 tracks that draw from the gooiest depths of cheese, the most dangerous ghettos of hip-hop and the glitteriest of clubnights.

Plateau Repas have put together for Local Suicide an exclusive list of French eurodance/hiphop/loveable-trash and paired it up with their favorite French regional culinary specialities for our aural-gastronomical pleasure. Be warned, just setting your eyes on that shit will make you rush for the nearest treadmill or bucket depending on how well your stomach loves you.

BEST OF is out digitally December 11th and the first single Transhumanism is out now with remixes by Electrosexual, aMinus & Stereon. Check the video for the single just below and brace yourself for a lesson in the French cuisine heritage we’re all kinda proud of but just kinda.

Pleasure Game “Le Dormeur” vs Les Tripes à la Mode de Caen – “Never turn your back on your regional roots!”


Benny B “Do you Speak Martien” vs La Poutine – “High carbs and High flat, more is more or what?”


Bassline Boys “On se Calme” vs Le paté Lorain – “Don’t bother just turn on the bass!”


Footbrothers “Il Suffit d’un ou Deux Excités” vs Ragout d’escargot à la Vitelottes – “Never forget to rub your feet after a club night!”


Alliance Ethnik “Simple et Funky” vs Maquereaux aux aromates – “French rap power ! Don’t be fishy stay smiley!”


Plateau Repas will be playing SO 36 for Ich Bin Ein Berliner Festival on Friday December 11th alongside Barbara Morgenstern, T.Raumschmiere and Heidi Mohr.