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Let It Go“, where Krakow-based DJ Deas (featured picture) meets iconic house vocalist Roland Clark (picture above), and gets it up, high and definitely banging. Right on time for the summer, this will go around festival dance-floors as the perfect soundtrack to a psychedelic techno-infused mad-man dance session with hints of acid house, what’s not to trip on here?
Released on Secret Room Records on June 30th, you can order the track on Beatport or have a sneak-peek below – after Clark tells you a bit more about the collab’ and his work in general.

There isn’t a lot of info about you online. Do you prefer to operate in the shadow and under many aliases to preserve your privacy or because you do not like to be a front man?
Roland Clark: I think at first it was more of a shadow thing, I wasn’t very comfortable standing on a stage and singing because I never considered myself an aspiring singer, but a producer and DJ who knows how to sing. Also because I am the voice on many records, the industry brands you as such no matter what other talents you may have, so I tend to re-invent myself every now and then to throw off the scent.

I Get Deep” are some of the most recognizable and recognized house track vocals ever. What inspired you for the words and the atmosphere of the track?
I Get Deep” came out of a frustration from coming back into the house scene after a small hiatus and feeling like things have changed from true believers of the music to a more commercialized version of what used to be – even down to the way people danced seemed very fake and technical. The flow of how people moved changed, it was very disheartening at first, but later I came to accept it because the whole goal of the genre is to spread out, not to keep it all to ourselves. In other words I stopped worrying about what other people were doing and just continued to do what I did best.

What do you think about other house music vocalists?
I really never think about other vocalists, but if I had to say who my favorite vocalists are, they would be two female singers: Monique Bingham and Stephanie Cooke.

And as for DJs, who would like to work with again or for a first collab’?
Lately I’ve been looking forward and not backwards, the music I’ve made with greats like Fatboy Slim will always be close to my heart and spirit, but I am in a place where forward movement is a must to stay relevant, so Avicii is one of the guys I would love to collab with. I have so many songs that I feel would be great if he put his touch to it, he is to me one of the most innovative producers out there as far as changing the shift of where dance music is going, and the marriage between country and dance definitely made me look twice and this man.

How did the collab on “Let It Go” happen?
Most of the people I collaborated with I have never met, and it’s an email introduction followed with some business back and forth that gets it going. I normally write while cleaning my apartment, I just blast the music and whatever comes to me, I record it. Strange process but it works for me. I do like the flow of “Let It Go”, it spoke to me right away. I would love to tour with those guys, I’m just a phone call away. There’s something to be said by breaking bread and music with people whom I’ve collaborated with in the past. I get a better understanding of the person behind the music. 

A word on your current and future projects?
Well, I recorded a Jesus Jackson album last year, very pop alternative, a long way from house music, putting finishing touches on that as we speak. Also I released my album Afromation this year which is doing quite well, it’s an Afrocentric dance album, very vocal driven, and the first single Whuup went number one, and now Louie Vega remixes are due to hit July 15th. I also hooked up with Bob Sinclair once more and did a monster jam called Everybody out now on Beatport; and as for touring so far a few dates here and there. So holla at ya boy, would love to come to your city or country and spread the word of house music.

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