Interview: RUN DMT

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You might have caught him at Coachella or heard his remix of Major Lazer, but Dallas-based dubstep producer and musician RUN DMT is back. He returns after a three year hiatus to release Revolutionaire, his third album which features collabs with Barrington Levy, Dirt Monkey and Subtronics. The songs reveal sweet details about the man behind the decks. We spoke to him about soul mates, Aphex Twin and touring Europe.

LSD: What have you been working on musically since your 3 year hiatus, notably, this album Revolutionaire? 
RUN DMT: Though I never formally stepped away from RUN DMT back in 2015, I certainly took a much needed break from the chaos of touring and living the life. To add to this, I am an extreme perfectionist when it comes to my music, so nothing I was writing in this interim time was really doing it for me. I started switching gears and working on a psychedelic project called PPLPRSN in my spare time. I ended up writing an entire album for the project which still sits in limbo, with the exception of a few tracks up on the SoundCloud. Hopefully it will see the light of day at some point.


Where does the song Analogue Noir come from for you?
RUN DMT: Analogue Noir represents the future of RUN DMT‘s sound and vibe. It also represents the type of music that got me into production in the first place, back in 2002. Stuff from Ninja Tune records like Funki Porcini and Amon Tobin taught me the desire for heavy textures and deep sampling, stuff that is ever-present in Noir. There is also a nod to some of Aphex Twin’s more beat oriented stuff. I will certainly be making more stuff in this vain.


How did you decide on collaborators for this album? 
RUN DMT: The collaborators sort of came about naturally. Some of these songs were conceived a while ago, and it took a long time to get them materialized into what they are now, so collaborators have come and gone. All the features are people I truly believe in. Artists I know and respect and and very proud to work with.


Jellyfish (Aiden’s Song) is a really interesting way to end the album. Why? 
RUN DMT: I am one of those fortunate individuals that met my soulmate and am lucky enough to spend my life with her and this song is a love letter to her. I wrote it as a lullaby for her nephew, who is two, which is the only thing that could possibly mean more to her than a song called “Sarah’s Song”. I even sing on it, which is very uncomfortable for me, but I wanted it to mean the most it could. Its also a parting message for the listeners on the album to stay strong and true to themselves.


What else are you working on and have upcoming? Any tour dates? 
RUN DMT: I am working on a remix for Bassnectar with Vorso right now in addition to a bunch of production work for a rapper called Ripparachie. I also plan on writing an EP for RUN DMT further exploring the world of LoFi bass music. I am doing a few shows here and there, but I am focusing on how to stay in my studio as much as possible and visit Europe next spring. Would be cool to tour over there.