Interview series ‘From LA to Berlin’: Duologue

From LA to Berlin will feature a series of artists and their gigging habits all the way from LA to Berlin and throughout Europe and America.

On our way to continental Europe, we stop in London and meet Duologue: five personable British guys – but more in the style of Radiohead than Take That. Their music is rich, layered and keeps you on your toes. Don’t miss them live if you get the chance, their stage performances are nothing short of brilliant.

Some facts: average band age 29, from London and living there; been making music for 7 years collectively.

Number of gigs: 15

Number of tracks produced: a couple of EPs, a single released in May, and the single Zeroes/Talk Shop is out on Killing Moon October 22nd.

Influences: Flying Lotus, Beach House, Zomby for the “young” artists and Aphex Twin, Björk, Radiohead for the established ones.

LSD: How do you order your tracks for a live show?

Duologue: It kind of depends on the night we’re playing. We’ve got lots of tunes so it’s interesting structuring the set slightly differently each gig. We span a breadth of stuff from more electronic tunes to more band orientated tracks and our live show encompasses both.

LSD: Is there a certain pattern you can recognize in this process?

Duologue: We want our gigs to be a real experience and we work hard to shape each set so there’s a sense of a journey. Also with all the electronics we can blend and shift moods as we go, while still keeping it all as live as possible.

LSD: Is there much space for wishes from the audience? 

Duologue: We don’t do requests at the moment. We’re influenced by bands who do what they think is right and cut their own path.

LSD: Is there a special tune you always start or finish your gig with?

Duologue: Currently we end on a high with Push it.

LSD: How do you get yourself ready before a gig?  

Duologue: We don’t really talk to each other. Everyone does different things; Tim drinks water, feels tired and warms up his voice. Seb smokes cigarettes and drinks cider because he is a lad.

LSD: What is special when playing in other countries, when preparing for the journey, the flights, etc.? 

Duologue: We did gigs in Germany and drove all the way so we tried very hard to stay awake at the wheel. Other than that we play live with a lot of equipment so have to get it over there in one piece.

LSD: Some gig cities from LA to Berlin?

Duologue: We’re still starting on that really. LA, New-York, Leeds, Oxford, Kent, London, Halder, Berlin.

Visit their website, there’s loads of things up there and many ways to kill time, download some free remixes here, and take a short video trip in good company. 

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