Interview: Shortcutz Berlin October’s Award

october-winner as media partner of Shortcutz Berlin will bring you every month an interview with the director of the winning short film.

The Winner of the Month of October is the documentary “Aesthetic Rebellion” by Vera Ziegler!

Synopsis: This short documentary shows 4 characters living in Bogotá, expressing their beliefs and passions through their tattoos. One ex gang member, one tattooer, one strong believer and one soccer fan take us to their worlds and share their convictions, which they put into pictures on their skins. Could this be a kind of aesthetic rebellion against the normal?

How did you become a filmmaker?

I was fascinated by creating stories and capturing scenes and images with a camera from childhood on. I kept on trying and playing and then, anytime I would find myself in an interesting surrounding with strange (in a positive sense) people, I would film and then put the snippets together.

How was your film born?

I was staying in Nicaragua for some months and was fascinated by the both, mysterious and obvious tattoos of people in some Barrios. I started to investigate about the meaning of the tattoos and their stories behind. I saw the motives of the tattoos as a kind of bridge to the live-stories of the tattooed people. The rough and at the same time sentimental way of representing themselves caught my eye.

How did you finance the short?

I combined the shooting with a research stay for university, this way my travel costs were covered through a scholarship. For the shooting itself I didn ́t have any costs, as I was by my own and  with one camera only.

How did you make the short (Technically, artistically)?

I spent a lot of time on the streets, talking to people who seemed interesting as protagonists and accompanied them to their daily life places (football stadion, church, home, home, village of origin, street…). Technically I had only a camera, no microphone nor light equipment – which decreased the technical quality, but at the same time made things (and encounters) very simple and real.

Where did you hear about Shortcutz Berlin?

A good friend of mine brought me to one Wednesday night Shortcutz Show in Berlin. I liked the way of bringing together all kinds of new filmakers of all kinds of styles and professional levels.

What are your plans for the short?

Maybe reaching it in to other documentary festivals.

What are your next projects?

Right now I am planning to do some short documentary-music videos of some street musicians in Barcelona, where I live at the moment. And see which stories cross my way, travelling.

Some words about Vera.

Vera Ziegler studied social work, sociocultural studies and arts and spent several months working on social & artistic projects in Slovakia, Turkey and Latin America. In her profession as a social worker she collaborated mostly with people in conflict with the law, refugees and migrants. As an artist she focuses on illustrations and documentary shorts, mostly inspired by her travels. At the moment heading to direction North Africa in order to sample the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy the film!

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