Interview: Starfuckers

This Australian trio have been making waves the size of mountains from coast to coast in the southern hemisphere. Undeniably popular and carving a unique path for themselves that is now bridging its way up north.

No longer is the rest of the world being deprived of the Starfuckers sound and big room performance. These guys have been there, done it and are now bringing it into the heart of EDM.

We caught up with them as they project their galaxy ruling beats all over the world!
LSD: What are you’re musical backgrounds and how did you end up together? 

We’ve played around together in bands and bedrooms and kind of fell into dance music when we started our party… making music was something we’d always done and evolving into dance music was the natural progression for us.

LSD: What are your current greatest moments as a collective? 

Playing and hosting stages at Australia’s biggest festivals has been an ‘achievement highlight’, but we love hanging our hats at our own club night every week and partying with our grass-roots fans – these all comprise of our greatest moments. 

LSD: Who were the key inspirations that led to the birth of Starfuckers? 

We’ve always loved creating music and draw our inspirations from a variety of different sources and genres, it would be impossible and somewhat pointless to pin down a handful of names, but the diversity of rock, hip hop, dance and world music we listen to creates room for a rich canvas for us to write on. 

LSD: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before? 

An array of lizard house, late night dance floors, UV spray paint and big room kick drums combined with club subs, stadium stompers cut with the efficiency of an angle grinder.

LSD: How do you perform live? What is your stage setup? 

Stripped back, with 3 DJs, 3 CDJs and 3 USB sticks… We try to build a set utilising each of our different styles, which also frees us up to do important things like clap our hands, wave our arms around and bounce during drops.

LSD: What are your current projects and what do you have lined up in the near future? 

We just released a huge new single called ‘One Night’ (Out on House of Fun Oct 15) featuring a friend of ours – Miracle. The process has been a lot of fun, working with different artists, and having huge international remixes on board as well from the likes of Marco V and The Squatters. We’ve been humbled to have so many talented people involved with the making of the release and music video, and can’t wait to do it all again.  We also produce solo stuff under Mr. Disorder and Hookie, individually, of which material is constantly presenting itself. We’ve also been in the studio lately planting the seeds for the next Starfuckers banger – stay tuned!

LSD: How do you work in the studio as a group?

We complement each other quite well in the studio and have learnt over the past couple of years how to bring each person’s expertise to the table without getting in the way of others.  It’s always a hands/hooks on collaboration, and we spend all the free time we get drilling tunes and making beats.

LSD: What is your top five for 2012 so far?

Starfuckers – One Night (HA!)
Nari & Milani – Atom
Jacques lu Cont – In The Night
J-Trick & Reece Low – I’m So Hot
Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak Remix)

LSD: Who is your tip to make it big in 2013?

We love the stuff coming out of Melbourne right now is fantastic, and we’re talking SCNDL, Reece Low and Joel Fletcher. They’ve all done a remix of our single, and both remixes are huge! 

LSD: What is the future of electronic music? 

We’d love to see a future EDM landscape of people sharing music, mixing and remixing each other’s stuff and building on the art that preceded it. We’re currently working on a ‘stems’ section to our website where people can download the parts of our songs for free and create their own musical interpretations. 

Video: Starfuckers – One Night feat. Miracle

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