Interview: Strip Steve at the Berlin Festival


Today marks the 8th year of the Berlin Festival. Two days of music in Berlin’s Flughafen Templehof, the sprawling remains of the city’s iconic airport will be host to acts like Bjork, My Bloody Valentine, and Blur. In the evening, festivalgoers will head over to Club Xberg to get down to the likes of Boys Noize, Sebastian and Justice.
Among the lineup this year is Berlin based DJ, Strip Steve. Known for his diverse sets consisting of a mixture of funk, disco and pop, also leaning heavily towards a house vibe, the French DJ will take the stage tonight at Club Xberg. With a new track coming out on BNR, and some tricks up his sleeve, Strip Steve is sure to get the night going with label partner Boys Noise and a most likely explosive set from Prodigy’s Maxim.

LSD: What acts are you most looking forward to seeing?
My Bloody Valentine is definitely at the very top of the list. I’ve never seen them and love their music. Same goes for Delphic and Breakbot, then there’s Blur and Björk, whom I’m curious about, even if I don’t really know what to expect from their live shows. There’s also Para One and Mike Q which who are amazing DJs. To be honest, I don’t know too much of the rest but it’s a good thing. I like checking out random concerts and discovering new stuff live.

LSD: Tell us about your label at the festival. Is it cool for you to play amongst the other artists on the same label?
Yes I love the BNR guys and what they play. We all play slightly different stuff, but have a lot of common tastes, so that always gives the night a certain consistency, and fun.

LSD: Do you feel comfortable in that scene as a French DJ?
To be honest being French never really meant anything to me scene wise. I moved to Berlin five years ago pretty much when I got signed and started to play a bit everywhere. Every time I’ve played in Berlin it went wonderfully. I really love the crowd here, and it makes me very comfortable.

LSD: Are you part of the scene only as a DJ, or do you go out for fun as well?
I sometimes go out to see my friends play, or specific DJs I really love and never saw before. But I don’t do it every week because I already spend so much time in clubs playing that I would rather enjoy other aspects of my life the rest of the time….

LSD: Do you have other projects short or long term?
I have a new track on a Dance Mania Compilation that BNR will be putting out soon. I’m also preparing a new EP and probably starting my second album and the same time. I also have other projects on the side but will let the people discover them in good time.

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