Interview: The Dø

Do is the first note on the standard musical scale and the initials of Don and Olivia. This is how they came up with their name “The Dø”. Sweet melodies, that still don't lack rhythm is the recipe for their depute album, that we really loved. We took an interview with Olivia for Curt Magazine, so let's see what she has to say..

LS: You started your musical career by composing music for films. How did you end up forming The Dø ?

O: We met while working for a soundtrack in 2004. I used to sing in bands, but I always wanted to make my own music. Dan was into studio works and composing for visual projects. Writing and recording songs was really new for him. After accidentally recording a lot of songs, we started to think about an album, a name and musicians for working on live shows.

LS: We read you’ve been recording an album with the The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard …?

O: It‘s not an album, just a couple of covers that we recorded in a very short time, without really planning anything further for now. It was just music for the fun of it!

LS: Are there any other artists you would like to cooperate with in the future?

O: We‘re very busy recording our second album, it‘s our n°1 priority. As for cooper

ations, we don‘t really think about that. It has to be very organic and natural, as it happened with Luke, we don‘t want to get into artificial cooperations.

LS: Was it difficult for a non British/American band – to break through and reach an international audience?

O: The process is still at work. Thanks to the internet and myspace, things have obviously been much easier for us to reach an audience in Australia or USA, or the Philippines, or Turkey … we‘re so excited about that!

LS: How do you feel about new marketing methods?

O: It‘s a fantastic tool, and in a way it‘s fairer because anyone has a chance on the net. And you can‘t fake it, people like it or not, it‘s not like when there‘s a huge promotion on a band that the industry is forcing you to like it. It does lead to a crazy number of bands, but I don’t think it‘s a problem.

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