Interview: The Sexinvaders

David (DJ Crossid) and Sonne (DJ Campell) are The Sexinvaders, a crazy team based in Berlin, who have played though in all four corners of the world. They are now releasing their Silent Heart EP with more mellow sounds than we are used to getting from the rave boys, but therefore with some upbeat remixes. You can find out some more things about them in the interview they gave us!

LSD: So first I have to ask you where did you get your name from?

D: I wasn´t yet a part of the band when Sonne and Jan founded The Sexinvaders. I played with them the first show but the name already existed when I joined them. So Sonne, it´s your part to tell the origin.
S: The name used to be the title of one of our songs. But after we were booked for a gig we needed a name and so we took the title of the song as the name.

LSD: When and how did you guys meet and how did you decide to form The Sexinvaders?

S: David left a Promotion-CD at a friend of mine. Because of that CD I booked David for one of my parties. He played an awesome set and I told him about my new live-project. And one week later we already played our first gig together.
D: Actually we met even a few weeks before the party. I´ve visited your gig at a Loveparade warm-up party in 2006. And I introduced myself to you and we´ve had a drink. This drink smoothed the way.

LSD: How does living in Berlin affect your music?

S: Well at least since I never lived somewhere else it is hard for me to answer this question, because I know nothing in comparison.
D: I lived in different cities before. But Berlin felt like home before it actually was my home. I loved the vibe of this city. The roughness in combination with the respectful and open minded (I mean kind of liberal) people. This is unreachable for other cities. And I´ve been to many different cities. One more important thing is the electronic music scene. You can see all the upcoming and inspiring acts. Inspiration 24/7.

LSD: I have been many times at your gigs and they are always ecstatic. What is the magic recipe?

D: Thank you! This is a nice compliment. My wisdom: Love what you do.
S: Exactly. You have to be in love with the music.

LSD: What was the best gig so far?

S: Every party is special and for that reason every gig is somehow the best.
D: Ok. Actually I think there have been some gigs which were not the best gigs so far. Sometimes due to us sometimes due to external reasons… Anyway, this is individual perception. I remember a lot of great gigs. It´s always a interaction of a lot of factors. I am always very euphoric if we play in new countries. So the first shows in new countries always leave a special memory in me: Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona…

LSD: What are currently your favorite tracks?

D: Of cuz we love our new Single “Silent Heart” with all the great remixes (out on 24th of june via pink-pong records). But there are way more tracks. In every musical direction. I like to listen to a lot of older stuff at the moment. Like Air, Notwist or a lot of Movie Soundtracks by Hans Zimmer. But also Dance Music from acts like Mumbai Science, Gesaffelstein or BartBMore – which I prefer to play at the moment…
S: These are my top five tracks at the moment. From different musical fields as well:
dOP – I am just a man
Para One – Animal style
Phoenix – If I feel better
Dj Koze – Blume der Nacht
Djedjotronic – Bugle

LSD: If you could open up for anyone, who would it be?
S: Tiga
D: I am looking forward to open up for Boys Noize at Streetparade Zürich in August but at least I don´t have a big dream to open up for someone special.

LSD: Could you tell us some things about your new single?

S: The single is in contrast to the most of our singles. It is not a disco track. It shows the development of us and our music (at least everybody gets older).
D: We´ve already had a lot of different styles in our Soundcloud player. But the ones I loved the most and also the people – as you can see in the charts – have been the slower tunes (like our SALM edit) or the piano focused tunes (like our Kavinsky Remix). It was just consequent to do a single in and combine these two attributes.

LSD: Any future plans?

S: Be happy and healthy.
D: As personal aims health and happiness and for the sexinvaders in a figurative sense the same, which means I want us to continue exactly the route we´ve started to go five years ago.

You can watch their new interesting video for “Silent Heart”:

..and download the amazing Digitate Remix:

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