Interview: Trouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew
, a pro skateboarder and musician, has released lately his wonderful album “Dreams Of A Troubled Man“. On the album you can also find tracks featuring Amanda Blank, Santigold and Jake Lamagno. Get to know him a bit better by reading the interesting interview he gave us!

1. How did you spend your childhood- teen years?

Drawing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

2. You are a snowboarder and skateboarder and a musician. How are these combined?

The sk8/snow/surf culture breeds art of all kinds and artists. Its all about your creative approach to the mountain or street or ocean, its the same with music for me. Its really about being free, thats why I was attracted to skateboarding/snowboarding from the start instead of team sports and thats also why I fell in love with creating music, theres no right way to do it, you just do what you feel.

3. What is a normal day for you like?

Wake up take my dog out around 9am, get online for a bit to catch up on emails, work on my designs for my signature products, flyers etc. Then go get some food on the block around noon. Usually roll into city from Brooklyn around 3pm, sk8 around and shop a bit, go to band rehearsal in L.E.S around 6pm for few hours. Go to late dinner then hit up the recording studio, then go out for a drink or a show in Soho after.

4. You are married to Santi White. How do you guys spend your free time together and is your relationship hard considering that you both have to travel a lot?

We try and travel together as much as possible and schedule our work so that we have time off at the same time. We like to just chill and watch movies or go out to eat together. We keep it pretty mellow but sometimes she will drag me out to 6flags or somethin, even though I hate

5. How do you feel about technology as far as music is concerned?

Its good and bad, its made it a lot easier for artists to get in the game without having to rent studio time etc, and also reach the world from wherever you are with out touring. Its bad because its harder for artists to survive because of free downloading and also allowed so much hot garbage to be heard. Its just a new time and the game is changing and artists are in the driving seat now so I’m thankful for the technology.

6. How do you imagine yourself in 10 years from now?

Yikes, thats scary, I’m not ready for that. Lets take this day by day. lol

7. What are your future plans? Is a European tour part of them?

Yes!! I love Europe, the whole gang has been on me about the Trouble In Europe tour, its going to happen soon!!

Watch his new video for Oh No:

You can listen here to the whole album:

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