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Producer / DJ / MC and all-round badass figure Uniiqu3 has been making serious waves for the past couple of years, most recently touring with the almighty Cakes Da Killa and remixing the likes of Skepta and Tinashe. With the ADD flavored cuts of the Jersey Club tsunami smashing through dancefloors worldwide, the world domination projects of the young Brick City native are gradually taking shape. Currently gracing Europe with her presence for the first time, she took time out from her busy schedule to talk to us about the tour, the intricacies of Jersey Club and some of her upcoming projects.

Berliners, make sure not to miss out on her show this Saturday at Werkhalle. With Brenmar also on the lineup, as well as NBSB and Weboogie regulars, this one’s going to be massive.

LSD: Hi Uniiqu3, thanks so much for speaking to us! How’s the tour going? Any particularly memorable moments so far?

My tour is going great. It feels unreal that I’m finally out here, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while. I have tons of memorable moments but my favorites would be doing a back to back set with Slick Shoota in Oslo for SnapnCrackle. It was so much fun and everyone was dancing like crazy ! Also just chilling with the Staycore crew in Sweden, we had a DIY iPhone photo shoot around the venue before the event started lol. That show was so next level, over 2,000 people ! Shout out to The Green Door Project!

LSD: This is your first proper European tour, how are you finding the crowds here?

The crowds are amazing. The parties start late over here compared to the states but that’s one of the things that I love about Europe. Everyone is so about the music and dancing, I haven’t seen a cell phone on the dance floor yet which is awesome. I’ve also got to meet a bunch of people that love what we do back in Jersey. Feels good to make a personal connection with people that support what I do, no better feeling.

LSD: One thing that doesn’t seem to have transferred over here is the whole dancing aspect of Jersey Club, which is one of the key elements of the scene back in the States right?

Yes it is. Jersey Club is infamous for it’s line dances, especially back home in New Jersey. Sometimes I try to bring my dancers with me so people can experience that live, but for the most part I want people to dance how they dance. It’s all about expressing yourself.

LSD: Speaking about Jersey Club, you still get loads of puzzled looks when you talk about Jersey over here. Can you give us a short kind of introduction to the style and how you came to be involved in that scene?

Jersey Club is your morning coffee and your afternoon Red Bull. It’s a dance genre ranging from 130 – 140 bpm, with loads of clever vocal cuts that encourage people to get down and dirty on the dance floor. I got involved in the scene because I was always a part of it. I was such a party girl as a teenager, and as I kept attending the events I realized there were no females behind the booth. So aside from making vocals for the DJs / producers I decided to become one. At first it wasn’t easy but over time I gained respect from my peers and made a name for myself.

LSD: Your sound is very forward-thinking so how come you decided to focus on the old-school for your New Klassiks Mixtape?

Thank you for that ! I came up with the New Klassiks because as Jersey Club started to expand, I felt like people needed to learn the history, but I wanted to do it in a cool way. So I decided to take some of the old school Jersey Club, Baltimore Club, Philly Club and Footwork songs that were popular for my generation and remix them in my own flavor to show the growth of our genre and where we got our influences from. J- Cush from Future Brown and I decided to that his label Lit City Trax would be the right fit to release New Klassiks on.

You’ve become a figurehead for the movement and are vocal about supporting upcoming local talents, are there any producers you think we should know about?

Oh yes there’s tons but my tops picks would have to be :

S.Jayy –

Gutta –

Trick$ –

Prototype –

All of these guys are awesome and I’m working on projects with all of them that I can’t wait for the world to hear!

LSD: Brenmar is also playing on the same bill as you for your Berlin debut! Should we be expecting more colabs between the two of you anytime soon?

Yes we are and I think that’s so lit! ( Lit is Jersey slang for exciting ) Brenmar and I will release the visual for his song Hula Hoop featuring myself, fresh off his Award Ep. After that I’ll be releasing my first single on his label High End Times. I’m really excited for everyone to see what we’ve been cooking up!

LSD: What are your plans so far for the summer?

My plans for this summer include releasing new music and visuals to go with it. I’ve been working really hard on original content, and I’m finally at the point where I feel like I can put all my talents together in one and have it make sense. I’ve been very vocal about not wanting to be pinned into one category, so I’ll continue to DJ, rap, sing and produce, because why not?! Haha!! I’ll also be traveling a lot more starting with this European tour I’m on right now. Very excited to see new places, meet new people, and perform new music!

Don’t miss Uniiqu3 this Saturday at Werkhalle, more info on the event page. For a crash course on Jersey Club, check-out Thump’s Sub.Culture documentary.


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