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Zernell is well-known on the Chicago/NYC/LA house and disco scene where he has developed his house disco sound over the past 20 years. He also comes to play in Europe regularly and never forgets to go through Berlin for some inspired and bouncy vinyl sets. Zernell releases on Grimy/Grimy Trax, get the sound HERE, and get down to party next Saturday if you are in LA HERE – this all vinyl event is organised by the Blind Faith Collective, RSVP to get the location HERE.

LS: What is disco for you?
Z: Disco is my 1st love.

LS: Do you feel closer to disco or house music?
Z: I would say both, Chicago house and disco kinda go hand in hand.

LS: What do you think of the current disco scene?
Z: Disco is on a BIG come back, I love the way younger peeps are embracing disco and dancing to it all over the world! In LA, Chicago, Paris, Japan, the Netherlands and Germany… HELL all over, I know cats from Dubai that love disco… You have labels like Grimy Edits and Persnickety putting out great edits and DJs like Rahaan, Sadar Bahar, Theo Parrish and Jamie Threetwosix putting it down at clubs globally.

LS: And the future of disco?
Z: The future of disco is bright. It’s as bright as ever, similar to the late 8o’s in Chicago and New York when it hit its peak. When you have 20 year olds partaking in the movement that means it still has a future. Disco’s not going away anytime soon.

LS: And how about your own future in disco?
Z: I’m gonna continue to play the music I love. I had my 7th release on Grimy Edits in November 2013 and I started off 2014 with my new venture “Grimy Trax” featuring original productions by The Twilite Tone & Bruce Ivery. I have three more releases in the can that will come out this year and I’m sure I’ll be touring Europe, Japan and Australia as well.

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