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The Crookers are the next big thing from Italy. Bot and Phra, two djs and producers from Milan, joined their forces and voilaa.. the Crookers! Their music is a mixture out of electro, house, hip hop and it's rocking at the same time! It's fidget like they use to say. It's the kind of music that makes you go crazy. It's taking you down to hell and then up to heaven. Their bis success with the remix on Kid Cudi's ''Day N Nite” was followed by a big number of remixes, EPs and finally an LP with great collaborations. We met up with Bot for Curt Magazine and this is what he told us…

LS: You both grew up in Milan. How did you manage to escape its “poshness”?

Bot: I grew up in an area of the city thats not exactly posh and phra an hour drive from Milan but other than that we never felt to be part of that side of the city.

LS: After the italodisco scene of the 80’s, you were actually the first followed by the Bloody Beetroots, Congorock and His Majesty Andre, to have drawn attention to the Italian dance scene. How is the Italian dance scene right now? Do you think Italy could again have a big impact on the international dance scene?

Bot: The scene is very alive now, probably lot of producers here have more confidence cause they see other italians are doing well and with blogs and myspace etc its much easier to get your music heard worldwide. Don't know if it'll have a big influence internationally though but for sure it'll have his space out there!

LS: The rumors have it that the two of you met up for the first time at a gay bar near the Milan Central Station. What is the true story?

Bot: I forgot about that version…sometimes we make up a new story about how we met but the true one is we were both formula 3000 drivers.

LS: The atmosphere during your interviews has always a funny note to it. Is it the Italian temperament popping out or do you enjoy not taking interviews seriously?

Bot: Its probably both and most also cause we don't take ourselves TOO seriously!

LS: You are being extremely active/busy. Concerts, festivals, remixes, different collaborations and now your first LP. Could you tell us some words about it and about your future plans?

Bot: The album was a perfect way to be more free to do whatever music we feel and like. Its not a collection of clubtracks as many may have expected but it reflects all influences and styles we like. We are continuing doing club tracks by doing remixes and e.p.'s but for an album it didn't make much sense to us. All tracks are collaborations with people we met during the tours or that we repect, some names: Kelis, Radioclit (The Very Best), Soulwax and Mixhell, Carire Wilds, Roisin Murphy, Rye Rye, Pitbull, Tim Burgess, Will I am, Spank Rock..

LS: We saw an interview with the Black Eye Peas front man saying that you were the inspiration for him to make a “crazy dance floor and pound” album, after he was blown away from one of your gigs. Who are you inspired by?

Bot: We're inspired by everything we hear but the ones that were most influential when we started crookers are definitely Basement Jaxx, Switch, Herbert and Madlib.

LS: You’ve lately done your first radio show on Grand Theft Auto. How did you end up doing it? And are there more coming up?

We were free to do a mix as we wanted and did also some original tracks for funny thing is we made the hosting in italian by an mc friend of us, Dargen Damico: it was supposed to be overdubbed in english but the guys at rockstar loved it and left it in italian, DOPE!

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