Introducing: Gaslamp Killer – All Bees Make Honey, But Your Flies Make Shit

Gaslamp Killer LiveEnergetic Hip hop beats are the least to say about this dynamic, fiery DJ. There are just too many heavy drops to stay afloat. Trying to take in all of the instrumental sounds and hip hop beats richoetecing from his turntable at once, can be a tad overwhelming…in a good way of course!  No wonder Gaslamp Killer is associated with Flying Lotus (productions include :”Flying Lotus (2008), The Beastmaster – Have You Ever Bled from Your Eyes? Do You Want to? (2009), Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer (2010)”) or Samiyam, who are known for dropping beats like bombs – to create a sonic impact. What makes Gaslamp Killer, who’s named William Benjamin Bensussen so interesting? He’s peculiar, from his unconventional pictures (above) to the psychedelic, rock/hip hop inspired mixes “Shattering Inner Journeys” and “We

Make It Good.” He channels countless genre’s of music as he spins the record and adjusts synthesizer levels. His ten fingers, like frantic spider legs create a neverevending, virtual, dimensional –4th wall experience.

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