Introducing: Golden City Sounds


German house-legends Boris Dlugosch, Raik Krause (Hey Today!) and Isi Tüfekci are ready to take off with their first own label: GOLDEN CITY SOUNDS

They are well known and loved icons of international house and electro- music. The tunes they put their hands turn instantly into invisible gold via massive loudspeakers. And after many years of euphoria the goldrush is just about to reach another level: GOLDEN CITY SOUNDS is the name of their first own label. Boris Dlugosch, Raik Krause aka Hey Today! and Isi Tüfekci are pointing with their goldfingers into the future of club-music. “It was very important for us to create something very personal that we could call our own. A home, a place, a planet called Golden City, where we could play endlessly with our creativity. Just like other labels are doing it too. It’s a great feeling for us to be artists and label-owners at the same time”, says Boris Dlugosch with a golden smile on his face.

Three men on a mission: Give gold to the people! The laidback house-song “Look Around You” by Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy (Moloko) is the first release on GOLDEN CITY SOUNDS. A song that is kissing spring time tenderly while being the soundtrack for your first trip to your favorite ice- cream-parlour when only wearing a t-shirt. For club-legends Dlugosch & Róisín Murphy it has been the third collaboration already after their smash- hit „Never Enough“ in 2008.

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