Introducing: Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers
is a dream pop duo formed in January 2011 and consists of George and Angel.
Their ever growing love for ambient music led to composing and home-recording, using guitars, synthesizers, cheap drum machines and found objects.

Dead Promises“:

So far Plastic Flowers have released three EP albums and three singles. Their debut LP is coming out after the summer of 2013.

Some characteristics of their live shows is the heavy use of synthesizers and atmospheric soundscapes along with the projection of dreamy visuals. During the past two years they toured USA, UK, Portugal, Greece and performed officially at SXSW 2013.

Their music has been praised by many international media including The Guardian, BBC, VICE, The Line of Best Fit, FMA, MTV, Vogue Mexico and others.

In You I’m Lost“:

Check out their bandcamp.

White Walls Painted Black“:

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