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There’s no shortage of music events happening in Berlin every single day, and this makes it even harder to choose which one to attend. However, every Thursday, Suicide Circus is hosting RITUALS, something that goes beyond your regular clubbing night, an event concept, but more than anything, an opportunity for music lovers, labels, agencies, people coming from different backgrounds to give something back to the clubbing scene and showcase their taste in music.

It’s hard to pigeonhole the musical identity of a RITUALS night, because that’s actually not the point of this series of event. While techno is definitely a common denominator, what strikes as even more characteristic is the sense of community between the people involved in hosting these parties, and their dedication to it, from the organizers, to the hosts, the models posing for each month’s artwork, and even the attendees who come every Thursday night.

In the past one year and a half, RITUALS has grown, and thanks to the passion of everyone involved, it’s going to grow even further, with 2017 bringing exciting news for all the RITUALS lovers out there.

Keep an eye out on their website and socials for more news and updates, and read below the story of RITUALS.




RITUALS was born in Autumn, 2015, in Berlin’s Suicide Circus & is now a mid-week meeting point for serious lovers of techno music.

Every Thursday, a different side of the genre is presented to our guests by our ‘hosts’, who prepare a selection of artists that best represents their particular sound.

Bringing together newcomers and veteran DJ’s & live acts, who each take their turn to please a techno hungry crowd, in addition, the recurring hosts that have helped us to shape the image of RITUALS from the beginning, regularly provide us with special artistic programmes, such as Label Showcases, Release Parties and previously unseen co-operations and combinations, making RITUALS exciting, thrilling and unique!

Our mission is to create and maintain a platform for the vast diversity within the techno genre, where the talented newcomers get the chance to prove themselves within the industry and to potentially work with well known DJ’s and producers.

RITUALS co-operates with a different host for each Thursday. The host can be a Crew, Label, Agency or Artist, each involved in their own way within the techno industry.

In the beginning, the most important part of the mission was to create an interesting and surprising program to fulfill the needs of our targeted audience.

This part was easily mastered, with thanks to the creative minds involved in the RITUALS project.

What is the sound of RITUALS?

TECHNO!.. That’s it!

The selection of the hosts describes the style.

RITUALS sets each week a new atmosphere with help from the visualizations, decoration & club lighting, all of which depends on the host.

This happens EVERY Thursday, giving our guests a completely different style of party, week after week.

During the Summer period, RITUALS is organized across two floors, the main floor inside & the outside garden floor.

The main floor strictly following the RITUALS sound.

While the garden floor on the other hand, tends to lean more into the chill out & experimental direction, which is perfect for those hot, Berlin Summer mornings!


This year is going to be a big year for the RITUALS project!

2017 started with a collaboration with Berlin based, Trash Era Agency, an exciting & creative group of artists who creates the current visual appearance of RITUALS.

To share our music taste internationally, RITUALS Records will be launched this coming Spring.

001 will present a diversity of sound from various artists across the techno genre.

This release will be the start of many artist’s career within the music industry.

To increase our international acquaintances, RITUALS is open for any kind of showcase requests.

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