Introducing: Soulful Youngster Mark Fierro

Youngster Mark Fierro  combines the vibrant sounds of reggae and funk in his self titled EP’s, “Alaska Blues” and “Peace and Justice.” An old soul who channels the pioneers of Reggae, The Wailling Souls and The Pioneers. Fierro’s songs embody soul, rhythm, slow tempo, messages of change, love, and simplistic life. The track “Peace and Justice,” is an eclectic, reggage skant collobaration with George P.A. Dover that channels subgenre’s like Reggae Fusion. The track encourages self motivated, cultivated minds to challenge norms, embrace accountability while seeking peace, “Peace and justice will prevail naturally,In times of struggle we always take the hits. When the going gets though. Don’t quit though trembled by the hits” 

While “Alaska Blues” calms the soul with the acoustic guitar and Marks harmonic vocals expressing a simplistic life, reminscent of Bob Marley and Otis Redding with contemplative lyrics “I got the Alaska blues and I know its true, fly on, won’t you come fly my way,”  The song illustrates the same philosophical and nature inspired aspects of Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the dock of the bay,” similarly ending the song with the famous whistle recording But Fierro’s ending is more upbeat, we hear a fast paced whistle addition  in “Alaska Blues” compared to the slow aerophones of Otis Redding. The whistle addition is crafty because it illustrates the soulful, “bluesy” feel that is so prevalent in Reggae music.

“Alaska Blues,” inspires the meditative heart while “Peace And Justice,” channels Reggae fusion with  funk guitar, hip hop beats, remaining true to ska and rastafarian technique. Fierro’s music embodies the beliefs of Reggae soul with his harmonic and authentic vocals. Mark Fierro is a currently a member of  V.O.T.S.E.E. (Voice Of The Spanish-English Explosion) where “Peace And Justice” is featured.

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