Introducing: Tom Tom Disco

tomtomdiscobannerStockholm-based DJ & Producer Richard Rossa recently founded a disco-dance label called Tom Tom Disco. With less of a focus on perfection, mathematical precision and dramaturgical conventions the main focus of the label is to bang out DJable electronic funk music with punchy funk-disco-house tunes that makes people sweat.

The first release is the compilation ‘This Is Tom Tom Disco Vol. 1‘ which is available digitally via Juno since July 1st. It features not only the best of mexico’s up & coming disco acts like Inigo, Juan Soto, Avanti and Future Feelings but also japanese producer Fag Mate (aka Testa) and Factional from the US.

We like it when its tough and rough around the edges. Like when the drum machine is too loud, the room is too hot, the smoke is too dense, the base is too distorted and then you accidentally pour half of your drink down your shirt but just don’t care because the groove is all over the place. Richard Rossa, Tom Tom Disco Labelboss

Don’t miss to download Richard Rossa‘s new awesome track ‘Pollux‘ exclusively for free below. With it’s smooth disco-ish beginning it fade’s over to a trippy middle part and then quickly breaks out into an acid rave track with epic claps and nice filtering.

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