Local Suicide & Parade Me remix Caribou’s “Sun”

Dan Snaith’s new album “Swim” is surely one of the Top 5 records this year. The remix contest for the second single “Sun” will be finished this friday. After starting over up to 5 times and spending days in the studio with our friend Parade Me we finally finished our remix. We are really proud of it and would be more than happy to get your opinion on the track!

Download the mix here

…or prelisten it via Soundcloud:

Dan Snaith: “It’s really cool,… I like it,… especially the last part!”

Parade Me: “It’s like Kalkbrenner and Frittenbude stokin’ up hell and making the devil feel like a polar bear in the desert… it’s HOT!!”

Kev Kharas (NME, RCRDLBL): “…really like this. Good job!”

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