LSD Exclusive: Ander B – Outta Space + Interview


Ander B is a Dominican Republic artist based in Barcelona. He caught our attention a while ago with some raw and deep releases for labels like Robsoul Recordings and Trunkfunk Records. Today we bring you the premiere of the relentless funky self titled track from his new EP. We also sat down with him and spoke briefly about house music, sampling and radio ahead of his Beef Records release, Outta Space

Local Suicide: Hi Ander, thanks for meeting us! What can you tell us about your new record Outta Space?

Ander B: Hey guys!

This EP means a lot to me. “Outta Space” and “Monster K” were made on the same day as I remember and “Basement Bass” is an old dirty sampled jam with some beats from the classic “Hit and Run” by Loleatta Holloway (the same sample was used on Paperclip People’s “Throw”). The Dedication” was made using some parts from my live PA, which is based on the MPC.

Another special thing about this record is the DJ Linus remix, he is one of my favourite producers. In fact, I have most of his records on Compost Records that were released during the mid 90s.

LSD: Sonically speaking, We think it is fair to say that a lot of your music shares the same aesthetics with some old and classic house tracks. Is there a specific style or movement that particularly inspires you? any artists that play a role in your artistic development?

AB: I like to produce tracks in the old way, with my MPC, an old mixing desk and any other stuff that sounds old. I think that every machine has a unique sound. I share the vision of my friend Phil Weeks (Robsoul Recordings Boss) about sample based music. Some of my heroes are people like J-Dilla and Moodyman.

LSD: In “The Dedication”, one of the tracks in Outta Space, there is a female vocal which grandiosely and interestingly declare that “This is a dedication to house music”. Do you try to put yourself across vocal samples? Do you have a general approach when it comes to choosing and working on samples?

AB: House music means a lot to me, so that track is a dedication to the music that changed my life. These vocals give some sense and meaning to the track. I love it! On this track that is the only sample i used for the vocals, and the other elements are sampled and layered from my synths into the MPC.

What i do is a sound collage oriented to the dance floor, technically talking, and my style is something between the raw and pure sounds of house music.

My favourite things about sampling is picking the right sample and putting different stuff together in order to produce a track. It feels like writing a story.

LSD: We know you host a weekly radio show on Club FM Mallorca, can you tell us about the difference between playing a DJ set in a club and on the radio? do you distinguish between the two platforms in terms of selection?

AB: It’s pretty different. In my radio show I play lot of promos and new music from my friends. It’s also a good space for testing new sounds. On the dance floor it’s more about creating a connection between the people and the music that I love. I have around 10 years of djing experience out there and that is something you always work on.

LSD: What are you up to next?

AB: At the moment I’m in Barcelona, working on my Live PA and also doing some DJ gigs around here. Europe feels like the right place to be at the moment, lots of things happening around here so it’s truly amazing.

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