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Emerging out of Ivrea in Northern Italy, percussionist and turntablist Dj Foresta and the technical minded Mattia “Tia” Ricco create dark and groovy, yet euphoriant tracks in the form of Fabio Fabio. The duo’s music is a mixture of exoticism, tribalism and downtempo techno, and they’ve just released a new video for the track ‘Alma’ from their new EP ‘Amore Cannibale’ which we are very happy to premiere today. The track and the EP are out on Ivreatronic, a label and tight knit crew of producers, DJs and video makers from Ivrea that have been making waves in Italy this year.

The striking video features Alma Negrot: a unique performer, artist and celebrated drag queen. The video is taken from the movie ‘Alma’ by Brazillian directors Daniel Xenon and Samuel Costa, with the track being inspired by its soundrack from sound artist Enrico Ascoli.

Watch the video and continue reading as Fabio Fabio tell us more about the video and their current projects.

Local Suicide: With DJ Foresta having worked with Enrico in the past, what was the catalyst that kicked off this newest collaboration, was this kind of thing always on the table for your first EP?

Fabio Fabio: Me and Enrico have been working together for a long time. We met in Holland during a cultural exchange many years ago, and from that moment something magic happened. Our main focus was on sound design, but we also recorded an album as “Brindisi Paradiso”. Now he’s living and working in Paris, while I’m here in Ivrea. From time to time we share audio files or whatever, keeping our collaboration alive. And this is basically how “Alma” was born: I asked Enrico for some excerpts from the documentary soundtrack he’s been working on. Me and Mattia (half of Fabio Fabio) created this track out of those sounds like a sort of remix of that soundtrack.

LSD: The movie and subsequent video is packed with striking imagery, when creating the track ‘Alma’ did you aim to do the same thing on an audio level?

FF: Yes. The movie (Alma Negrot – directed by Daniel Xenon and Samuel Costa, Brazil 2018) struck us deeply. Alma Negrot is a super charming drag queen; she’s an incredible artist. Her body performances are challenging not only gender boundaries, but also the idea of a personal identity. Through massive make up and styling she tries to create something new, something that could be considered beyond “human body”. We tried to translate these powerful ideas into music, creating a track that sounds deep and dark, yet wild and liberating. When we received the video from Samuel Costa we thought: “WOW! This is perfect!” And we are very satisfied with the results, the music and images work perfectly together.

LSD: What’s been your favourite thing about this project?

FF: Definitely feeling the love for sound and the process of the constant and obsessive search, a kind of funny paranoia that me and Mattia feel while we are composing.
I usually create some drafts, sampling from vinyl and tapes that I don’t use as music players but as musical instruments, with a “handcrafting” and experimental attitude (or “brutalizing them”, as I love to say). I record music sessions that last hours, from which I take lots of sound samples and I create a thick sound surface. Mattia gives the final shape. He’s the real nerd, you know.

LSD: The whole of Ivreatronic appears to be very creative and busy at the moment, less than two years since its creation, where do you see the collective in another year?

FF: We are a very solid crew; beside me there’s Enea Pascal, Splendore and Cosmo (the one who launched the project during his concerts). Of course we’ll continue throwing parties, we’re gaining more and more attention from the Italian clubbing scene. Marco Passarani just played in one of our parties. He said he had the best time in Italy of the last 5 years.
We are also selecting and producing some really talented artists, that you will soon hear: for example Bitch Volley, a special guy who produces deep (yet danceable) electronic music with self made modular synthesizers. The weird thing is that we all come from Ivrea!

LSD: Is the use of film soundtracks something that’s always existed in your productions?

FF: Not necessarily, when we travel we observe and record a lot of sounds, especially in Asiatic countries (the other video of FF, for example, was born thanks to a network of friendships in Thailand). Certainly our sound imagery is conceived both as a soundtrack for the dance floor and for other things like meditation or housecleaning.

LSD: For those who haven’t yet heard the music of Fabio Fabio, what can they expect from your new Amore Cannibale E.P?

FF: We consider our EP as ritual music inspired from esotericism and from old mockumentaries about the most extravagant and mysterious cultures. There is a disturbing and fascinating musical aspect to playing a record born in 45rpm, at 33rpm. A dance slowed down for a psychedelic and massive sound.

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