LSD Exclusive: Fairmont – Modol


On November 27th, 2018 the Barcelona-based label Factor City which is run by Razzmatazz residents Undo & Vicknoise will put out their first VA compilation including previously unreleased tracks by the best artists the Indie-Dance scene has to offer right now: Damon Jee, Dawad, Undo, Nhar, Offset, Cabaret Nocturne, Dimitri Veimar, Lontano, Sigward & Oliver Sudden.

Also on the compilation is the track ‘Modol’ by the Canadian producer & DJ Jake Fairley aka Fairmont who’s co-running Beachcoma and has also released on Kompakt, Border Community, Suara, Bedrock, My Favorite Robot, Areal and many more since beginning of the century. We are happy to exclusively host the banger for your listening pleasures – check it out below and order the compilation HERE!

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