LSD Exclusive: Golden Bug – Un Paradis Artificiel feat. Julienne Dessagne

Photo: Antoine Passerat
Photo: Antoine Passerat

We have been following this guy for quite a few years now and he never seizes to impress us with his amazing productions and killer dj sets. Antoine Harispuru aka Golden Bug was born in Paris and started being interesting in music from a young age. It all begun though in 2007 when he released his debut EP “Barbie’s Back” on Gomma, after than more EPs that set a milestone in the scene followed, he moved to Barcelona and then finally founded with his friends Herr Styler and La Tebwa entertainment their own label La Belle Records, one of our favorite ones, a prolific and influential label.
His latest 3 tracker feat. Saschienne‘s Julienne Dessagne is no exception to the rule: a highly addictive EP. The EP opens with “Accroche a Moi”, a sleazy hypnotizing disco track and then the original and the dub version of “Un Paradis Artificiel” follow.

We are thrilled to be premiering “Un Paradis Artificiel” exclusively on our blog. If I had to pick two films to describe the atmosphere of this track it would be Tarantino’s “From Dusk till Dawn” meets Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The track first takes you to the jungle, birds are singing, animal voices surround you, everything is calm and serene and then suddenly you hear some steps, you can feel a strange presence, something is about to happen. A woman arrives and everything becomes surreal. Is she a robot? Is she a post human? Is she an alien? Is she an angel? Is this a dream? Are we in the future? Are we in an artificial paradise? Many questions might arise, but the answer lies within you. Turn up the volume and trip out!


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